Why do girls like bad boys?

This post is my take on how I think women nowadays view things about bad boys and why we really like them. Some of my friends kept asking me this even though they are really not seriously wanting me to answer but here it is anyway.

  • We like the idea of making them behave in some circumstances - You know, since they are bad boys with a reputation, it's good to feel that they behaved because we are with them or because we say so.
  • Most bad boys are not players - Since they are focus on anything 'bad' they are doing, most of them are really not 'into' girls. (Player or womanizer also falls int ot he category BAD but they have a different point.) They have different interests and hobbies mostly motorcycling, car racing, skating, etc. There goes the third reason.
  • We like the idea that we made them interested in us - We feel special by that. I mean, hey, they don't really go gaga over girls but our presence got their attention so it counts for something.
  • They have a very extra ordinary way of expressing their feelings - Extra ordinary because well, just the thought of them expressing their feelings is not normal since they are so called 'bad boys' and they are really not into expressing feelings but once they do, it's something you won't expect.
  • We find their attempt to be sweet to us kinda cute - They don't really chase girls, They don't really do much things or effort. But they try to be sweet and that idea for us is cute! Means they are really trying little by little.
  • They have their loyal friends who are always around - We won't have a hard time finding them cause everybody knows them and they have friends everywhere since they are a bit well known to a certain location or their place. Plus, their friends will tease you to him which is another cute thing.
  • They have their own hang out place - Most of them have their own hang out place where them and their friends use to hang out to talk and do things they like in common.

Actually, there are more reasons but i won't divulge anymore. LOL. It's not new to me since i admit i like bad boys too with the same reasons but well, people grows up and be more matured so.. :))

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