7 Things I Don't Really Enjoy Reading In A Story.

Before you read further I just want to say that this is purely my own opinion and my point of view. What will be stated here doesn't standardized any kind of story or book in general or writers for that matter, but just for me. I still read books or stories with some of what will be mentioned here, for entertainment or whatever reasons but these are like what I definitely don't look for a story or book to read.

Ps. Kinda long and you might find this boring.

1. Any story with this certain stupid, shallow and too unrealistically childish character/s - 

This is one of the things that pisses me off when it comes to reading something. I don't know. Maybe I'm just really not a fan of people who don't get me most of the times that my frustrations was also evident on my choices of reading books or stories. I get it, there are people whom we call slow. Most of the people I know  that are in this kind of situation are actually aware of their incapacity to pick up the ideas as fast as others or something and even though they acknowledge it, I know, that if there's anyway that they can be just like the rest of us, they will. I also get it that what we write most now is fiction and we struggle of having that unique and distinguishable character but I guess, creating a character that's too shallow, with unexplained stupidity and unrealistically childish as what people most of us know is kinda an off for me. I'm more drawn into characters with a uniqueness that challenges me as a reader. But I have read a few stories with this kind of protagonist just for entertainment. Maybe this can go with humor type of stories but still! I prefer witty and entertaining dialogues of the characters rather than the character's clumsiness and own personality fails.

2. Long character names, names with unnecessary letters and hard names to pronounce - 

Seriously annoying. Even though we just read in our head, I still find it really annoying pronouncing names with so many characters and it's too tiring to even be pronounce. There are gazilion of names to choose from. You can never be wrong with just one or two names with proper spelling. The struggle of having a unique named character is just throwing a writer off into just focusing on the story itself or just polishing the character that will be holding the name. No matter how much you want your character's name to be unique, believe me, there will still be that person who can think of using that name on their own story too and adding more letters to make it different although it still sound the same is just plain foolish. If you want the character to be names Samantha, just let her be Samantha, no need to add more H or Z or more. It's the character's personality and his characterization towards the story would be most important at the end of the day.

3. Jumping scenes and super fast phased events -

As a writer, I know it's not easy to create a background of the characters that would justify their actions and future as the story rolls. It's something that you would want to think first or it is something you would want to test. It's one of the few things I find fascinating.. somehow, when a writer let me experience the protagonist's life at the start of the story then the next details or scene does makes sense and is parallel to the start. May it be heartbreaking or a happy one. I don't know if it's just me but it's a huge factor for me. It opens up emotions in me, specially if the story is about lovers from the past who encountered each other again after a few years. Jumping of one scene to another is also something I always observe. You don't just wake up then without further notice, it's already one week ago. Lol. I have read some stories like this. And when it happens, I would have to go back to read it all again for me to understand. 

4. Too short or too long description or narration -

I don't really know the standard of this one but as a reader, I just know if it's lacking or too much information for my taste. I don't like it when the description spoon feed me so much. Like for example, the author describes the male protagonist sitting in an area of the room. I find it nauseous if the whole room would be described first even if the main point of the scene is the man sitting on the chair. But I also find it lacking if he would just be described as "the man sitting in the chair" though. Haha. Am I still making sense? Ugh!

5. Twins everywhere -

Most of the times, these reasons are what I know that twins is a trend in stories nowadays:

1. It's supposed to be unique. You can actually choose if it's not boys, both girls or one boy and a girl.
2. Entertaining. Their personalities such as connected minds and others is quite entertaining.
3. You can do so much to their characters. You can make the other shy and the other crazy and it gives off a new kind of light in the story.

Or more. But I find it annoying if there's just so much twins everywhere in the story. As far as I know, it's not just everyone who get to give birth to twins and in family it happens every other generation. I don't know, maybe I'm just too tired of reading stories with twins and all. I still find only son or only girl characters better because I get to play with them if I wanted them to be brat, to be just kind or whatever. That's me, talking as a writer. Lol.

6. Too long and a spoiler title that already said what will happen to the story basically -

Yes, it somehow bothers me. Lol. For example, the tittles such as My Playboy Bestfriend Who Fell For Me or I Seduced The Handsome Neighbor or something. Haha. I won't elaborate further, self explainable. :))

7. Inconsistencies of the characters and baseless characterizations -

Last but not the least. It kinda sound technical, lol. Once I start reading a story, I automatically meet the characters. It's kinda hard to remember each personalities if the first chapter had an array of characters in one go. Sometimes, I find it frustrating if the writer showed that the character is a playboy but his actions and words doesn't justify it. Another thing is for example, a character just blurted out sentences I would never thought she would be capable of saying since she was build as something else. Yes, there will always be an exception but I guess, it will all boil down to the reasoning or the description and narration of the characters in the story. 

Do you have preferences in reading? What do you want to see or read in the stories or books you read?

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