Chasing Winds and Waves By: Miel Salva - Book Review

Yey to my first ever book review in this blog!

This is kind of legendary aside from the reason that it is my first book review on this blog because this is also the first self published book I have read so far this year. The first English written self pub, actually. That's a lot of first. Lol.

Anyway, I got this from my co writer, co organizer in #FreeBookDayPH which I would blog about soon and a friend. She told me about this and I joked her about giving me one and she did said yes and honestly, I got thrilled without even knowing what the book would look like and what's it about. And I never regretted reading this one.

The Story

The story was set in San Diego California. In a nude beach, actually. There are also scenes and events that will happen in the Philippines in the later part of the story. Believe me when I say that you can learn some things about surfing just by reading it. You will feel like you're in a nude beach yourself while trying to learn how to surf. Lol. Well, at least, that's what I felt while reading it on the first chapters.

What I like about it:

First, I like that it's my first time that I will be reading a book, a romance one, about surfing. Apparently, most of the stories I have read are recently all about managing business such as hotels, restaurants, real estates, resorts and such. None of a surfer, or about surfing. So I guess, this one's a breathe of fresh air. Second, I liked how it was an easy read. I mean, the words used were moderated. I didn't have to go over google or open our dictionary to find the meaning of this certain word. Not that I mind in doing so because it's fine if I have to. But this one's a plus for me. I finished this in one seating without doing anything but hold this book and just read because I never have to do anything else! Third, I really, really like the way the author described the pull or the sexual tension between the characters Eevie and Cas. The first few chapter we're very entertaining. Their exchange of remarks made me smile the whole time. Fourth, I can very well see myself in Eevie. What she did to her life is her choice, and I hate that other people, especially her family thinks she's just being wild and messing around. It can really happen in real life. I value my freedom too and if I would be given the chance to meet someone like Cas at times like that, I would definitely do the same. Or more. Lol. Fifth! There's just too much things to like in this story, and the fifth thing would be the personalities of the two characters or at least the way their personalities and thoughts was described. I get annoyed at characters who are inconsistent throughout the story. And like I said, this one's an easy read. It made me felt emotions, it affected me and I understood their personalities, their thoughts and what they wanted to be in the story. In short, they are not a puzzle for readers to understand them. They are at point. No blah blah parts.

What I don't like about it:

It's short. Huhu. I wanted more. I don't like Gil. I hate him. It's understandable because he's the antagonist and the author made that part well, to hate Gil. So I guess, this is also a plus and an addition to what I like about this story.


I'd give it 4.5 out of 5 because I wanted more! Lol.

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