5 Status I don't Appreciate In Facebook.

I am a social media type of person. I have facebook, instagram, twitter, ask.fm and some more social media accounts all over the world wide web. Hell, I even have account on different blog platforms and multiple accounts per platform, too. Lol. I am an advocate, and since joining facebook around 2009, I get to encounter different types of status that are posted from jeje days up to now, and I have a clear idea of the top 5 types of status that I really don't appreciate lingering on my news feed for me to read.
  • The type of status that attracts gullible people/friends to compliment the user. This status mostly contains a picture of their self, or a selfie with a caption that says "OMG I am so ugly huhu" or something similar then his or her friends will comment "No, you're pretty" and they will be like "I feel ugly" until they accumulate a certain amount of compliments or boosting comments and they would say THANK YOU. Why don't they just post a picture of their self then just put a caption that says they feel pretty, or what they really feel upon uploading the photo rather than saying they feel ugly. If I were that person, and I know most of us are, I wouldn't even think of posting a photo of me when I think I don't feel good about it. Who want to show their self to the world when they feel ugly? Ugh.
  • The type of status that is I-want-you-to-know-I-don't-care-but-I--actually-do! In my news feed, there will always be that type of status wherein most of the time, they wanted to make their enemies or like, the people they don't appreciate that they don't care, but then, they are just the ones blowing their cover. Lol. For example, a person posted a status for her haters like this "I don't care to all my haters. You are just insecure. I don't have time for people like you." Just like when it seems like they don't really care and they don't really have time, after a few minutes, they would post a status again "Seriously, I don't have to explain everything to you. I am just being real. I don't care about you." And so on, and so forth. Yeah, that just shows you really don't care and you have no time. Ugh.
  • The please-like-my-status/post/-because-it's-academically-needed type. Bitch please. I don't want to be rude, specially if it's really about their project, but maybe, this is the time that the teachers or professors that makes their students be engaged in this type of project or assignment to think for a second and think the consequences of this things.This isn't funny or healthy. What would 500 likes do? It annoys the hell out of me.
  • SPAM posts. I know this type of posts naturally pisses everyone, but I just have to elaborate. Lol. I hate it, I don't appreciate it and I certainly don't appreciate it. But in my knowledge, people's profile that SPAMS others aren't really that innocent. True, they are not the one doing it, but in my knowledge, they are the one who mostly causes the phenomena. Haha. They click on links that aren't supposed to be clicked. Most of these links have headlines about one celebrity's scandal, or an obvious malicious content post but they still clicked it. And thus, the SPAM they got from these links take control over their accounts and enables it to post spams to other user's accounts. It's the funny part.
  • Last but not the least.. Continuous posts about their car, their expensive and latest gadgets, their escapades to different luxury hotels and whatnots. I mean, yeah, I do post things I appreciate such as gifts from my readers and friends, but I don't have to continuously bombard my profile of these things. It literally calls bragging. And I find it funny too that most of the times, the things they brag aren't really technically theirs or well, still being payed by their cards.
So yeah. These are the top five types of status or post I get annoyed to mostly in facebook. If you have a post similar to this, not really needed to be in facebook, let me read it by posting the link of your post in the comment box. I would love to read some. 

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  1. I think people really have a knack for posting too much on social media! I hate people who likes to share spam links too. Ugh. :(


    1. I hate it most when they post status about something they don't like then they would go ahead and do exactly that. HAHAHAHAHAH. "KAINIS" lol.

  2. YES TO ALL!! These are some of the reasons why I don't check on Facebook as much as I did before (and why I hid a lot of friend's updates on my timeline) Haha!