5 Kpop Music Videos That Made Me Cry

It's no secret how South Koreans are very artistic and unique in making music videos of songs by Kpop artists and idols. It's one of the many reasons why I got drawn to the scene. Some people would laugh and say I don't even understand it, then why would I listen? It frustrates me so much whenever I think that "Don't they know there are subbed videos in youtube?" I mean, seriously. Whenever I listen to a KPOP song, I would usually watch the music video first, then the lyrics video for me to understand. Another thing is that, they are also amazing in putting up lyrics together. Yes, some of the English phrases or sentences 'embedded' in the songs might not make sense, but the entire song will do.

And for so long that I have been watching videos and videos of KPOP songs, I made a list of my top 5 songs that made me emotional and seriously made me cry. They are good like that.

2BIC isn't as popular as other idols in South Korea. I don't know anything about him, but I stumbled upon this music video of their song MADE YET ANOTHER WOMAN CRY way way back and I seriously can't stop crying. No joke. It left a stinging feeling. Of course, you might find the 'studio' where the music video was shoot looks like it was just staged, but the scene and the story as the song goes on will make you feel the pain.

You and I by Park Bom of 2NE! where our Sandara Park is also a member has been on my watch and listen list for years. It's one of my favorites. It looks lively and fun at first but then you'll realize what was really happening. I guess, it's the more reason why it became so sad. The fact that everything felt smooth at first, specially that a wedding was taking place on the first part of the video made you feel comfortable watching but as it approach at the end, you'll shed a tear, or you'll feel sad about it.

Well, I want all of you to meet one of my ultimate biases in KPOP world, Bang Yong Guk. A genius. He produces songs for his co artists and for their group, B.A.P and he started with this song. I am not gonna lie. I don't have any interest whatsoever in discovering new videos to watch. I just got curious when I read somewhere that Bang Yong Guk collaborated with Yang Yo Seob of BEAST for his debut song. Well, I got excited. I never knew I'll be a bit depressed after watching this music video. You don't need words. You don't need a translation. You'll know what is happening in the video and it'll break your heart until the finale.

Ft. Island's Severely is so catchy. I heard it in one of their performance and searched for the music video after I learned that it has in fact a music video. But I wasn't prepared to have my heart broken with this. It has a cliche plot, which is time travel. Some of you might have seen something similar on stories, mangas or animes. But still, this one left me with a heavy heart. The song, Hongki's voice and the story of the video struck to my heart. And it hurts.

Jin's Gone became a big thing because well, EXO's Xiumin is in the video aside from the very reason that JIN is an upcoming artist from Woolim entertainment at that time. And well, KPOP fans like me knows that SM Entertainment already had a partnership with Woolim. This is also a bit of depressing one. This tells a story that you don't need words, or sub to understand.

Prior to this five videos, of course there are still a lot of Music Videos that made me cry or made me sad. Most are just a bit longer and already like a drama, so I think these five are the most suitable ones and well, also my faves. I suggest you watch these of you feel like wanting to be alone. Lol.
What do you think of these videos? Lemme know what you think in the comment box. :)

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