6 Things To Do To Be More Human.

I am well aware that I am not a perfect human being. I make mistakes. All of us do. All of us have our own struggles in life. We have our own stories. We battle with life everyday and other people doesn't know it. We are all just faces in the road, we are all just strangers we bump into everyday. But wouldn't it be better if we at least lessen each other's burden in everyday life by being sensitive and caring enough?

1. If there's a line, fall in line. You're in a hurry to go home? You are tired? You needed to do something important? Well, news flash. All of the people you see falling in line may it be in the ATM Machines, MRT stations, fast food chains or in the grocery cashiers can be tired and in a hurry too. It's their privilege to be first in the line because they got there first.

2. If you are riding in a jeepney, please be aware of the way you sit and if someone's in need of help in giving their fare to the driver.  Yes, you pay for your fare too. Yes, it's your right to be properly seated. But be aware that they pay their fare too and it's also their right to be seated properly. It's not all about you, but about all the people who are also like you who wanted it to be easier. Think about it. Would you want to be seated on a little space even though you saw there's still a bit of space where they can adjust for you to be seated properly? No? Then do not make others feel that way,

3. Please be aware that whenever you are in any public places, even though you are with someone you want to spend your time with, people are moving, and you make it harder for them by walking slowly or blocking them while they needed to move faster. People from malls, footbridges and other public places have their places to be with, so by either walking faster or just not blocking their way, you already helped them a lot and made it easier for them.

4. If someone accidentally bumped into you, or stepped into your foot and said sorry, let it go. Who would want to actually bumped into someone or step into their foot? I mean, really. Would you? There's no use in holding grudge into someone who already apologized and someone whom you'll probably not gonna see again. Or even if they did not apologized, just let it go. It's maybe they are not aware of what happened, they just think too much that they did not realized what happened or they are just rude, holding grudge with someone you doesn't even know would be useless and waste of time and energy.

5. Lowering your voice while on a bus, jeepney or any public vehicle while chatting with friends is a good step. Sure, you are excited to tell your story to your friend or friends. But you are in a public vehicle. You don't know if someone just want to sleep, take a nap or they just needed silence because it can help them relax. Giving them the benefit of enjoying their ride even though they are tired is already rewarding.

6. If there's no trashcan in the area, please just hold onto it until you find one. A little discipline in our self can give of good results. Trashes are for trash cans or trash bin. You don't just scatter trashes away somewhere just because you don't want to hold into it. What can a small piece of paper do to your pocket if you decided to just keep it for a little time until you find a trash bin? Nothing. So please throw the trashes in the proper place where it should be,

Simple things you can do everyday that can help lessen the burden of every other people you encounter thus, making it easier for you too, since other people probably has thought of these things and you are, if not one of the recipients of their kindness. I observe people most of the times, and all I can feel is that they feel that they are the only ones who are struggling, they can't feel that all of the people surrounding them are also fighting their own battles. And we can start being more human with little things.

Can you add some more deeds you think people should do to be more human? :) 

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