6 Things To Say To Be More Human.

It all starts with the basics. It never really has to be difficult, but we seem to love intricacy that we make it hard not just to our self, but with everyone around us.

1. Excuse me -  Whether you wanted to pass through, interrupt a conversation or plainly wants to call a person's attention, it will never hurt to use or say EXCUSE ME. It is polite and very understandable. It can also be used in different situation so really, why is it so hard for you to not be rude?

2. I am sorry - This phrase might be a little too scary for some to use. We are most likely blinded by our pride and self righteousness that we get swayed by what are the more important things rather than our ego and pride. We need to accept our mistakes and say I'M SORRY and mean it. It builds relationships as well as it destroys one if this won't be said.

3. Please - One word, but for people who can hear it, it feels like the person who said it said something golden. It's kind of rare nowadays that when you use it in a sentence, it will give off a whole new meaning; a better one. No matter how high you think you are, your position or because you have the power, you are also human and you interact with a human being same as you so they also deserve to be treated the way you wanted to be treated. Please, use please.

4. How are you? - It doesn't matter if it's a stranger, your best friend since elementary or your relatives. A gesture showing them you care, or someone cares can make a total difference. It can start a conversation, lets you know what they feel and you get to interact with the people around you. You'll never know their struggle unless you ask.

5. I love you - The universal language doesn't have to be connoted as only for romantic feelings and such. Saying the three words can give warm and fuzzy feelings on the recipient. Of course, you have to mean it. Reminding the people you love that you love them  that you cares should be one of our priorities. After all, you only live once and you know you want them to feel what you really feel. So go ahead and surprise them with your I LOVE YOU's and make them feel it too.

6. Thank you - We have so much things to be grateful and to be thanked to. One thank you means appreciating, being grateful and that you truly acknowledge the effort, time and the willingness of the person's help. May it be their job to serve you, you paid them for the work or they simply lend you a hand, one THANK YOU could make a total difference in every way possible.

You aren't the only one that needs to be understood. Everyone is. We all are in the same level as long as we walk here in earth. Simple gestures, words and sincerity will always be the key.

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