My Top 5 Favorite Instagram Account That I Follow.

I have been into instagram years before I had my own smart phone. I mean, I really loved the idea of posting images and use awesome filters. I got curious about it since it has been making waves years back. I used my cousin's SONY EXPERIA to register an account and I wasn't disappointed. The funny thing was just.. my instagram account got connected to his facebook because I used his phone, so my three first images that are my face, my glow in the dark skeleton wall decoration and a pocketbook, got posted in his facebook account too. Lol. That was embarrassing.

Anyway, as I have been into instagram and I am even more active there than any other site, I have my favorite accounts that I never really get tired of having a post on my dashboard. These accounts are not really a personal ones, but accounts that has their own theme and for entertainment.

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First on the list would be my recently found account. I was browsing a hashtag that I used once about my parent's hometown which is CATANDUANES when this I got fascinated by an image that turned out to be, posted in this account. I was really smiling after I went into this account. They are posting beauties of the places I have been to, as well, mostly, places I would want to go to. BICOL Provinces are delightful destinations for travelling.

I first learned about it when my former trainer shared a certain post from an art facebook page and I looked for their account in instagram and followed them. I am a fan of art, no matter what medium was used. These art and images posted in this account is fascinating, as well as the captions with every post. It wakes up the inner artist in me,

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Because who doesn't? Lol. I mean, who doesn't know 9GAG? I followed 9gag because It makes me laugh in surprises.. like, I don't know when they are gonna pop in my dashboard and they post hilarious posts and images. Their captions are kind of funny too. And.. alright, they are too corny sometimes. But they do try. 

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Although they recently suck at delivering supposedly news and updates about our favorite KPOP groups, SoKor celebrities and such, I still find their instagram account fascinating because of things such as what was above. It's like "Only KPOP fans will understand" thing and we celebrate for it. Lol. Anyway, I kind of like their sense of humor and the fact that they post birthdays of KPOP idols.

Now, before I reveal my top 1 favorite instgram account, I just want to mention some more accounts like a HONORABLE MENTION things that some of you might be interested to follow to:

“My father is an Egyptian immigrant, and all he ever cared about was our education. He used to print out these huge packets of math problems from the internet. Sometimes they would be 200 pages, and after school he’d make us do them at the kitchen table until midnight. He’d hit us if we got them wrong. One day I got a C on a math quiz, and I thought he was going to kill me, so I ran to the police station. I think he gave up on us that day. Now he just ignores us. I tried to kill myself last year by walking onto a busy highway. I just stood at the edge for thirty minutes until someone from my school told the principal. They put me in a mental hospital for two weeks. My dad didn’t talk to me for a month after I came back. When he finally did, he said: ‘Do you have any idea how much your hospital bill cost?’”
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It wasn't a secret how I am always curious of something about someone. I like knowing things about people. Their struggle, their thoughts, opinions and things about their life. And HUMANS OF NEW YORK really gave me a gift. I stumbled upon it on facebook. And I learned that there's a published book about it after a while of following their instagram account.Whenever I have nothing to do, or needing inspiration, I go to their account. May it be on their page or instagram. Most of the stories are heartbreaking but there are also posts about inspiring people. I guess, learning more about people you don't even know has it charms. There are lesson every post, you just got to ackowledge it. It makes a huge difference learning other people's struggle and experiences.

What are your top favorite non personal instagram account? I would love to know. Hit up a link below of your post about it. :)

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