New Watch: Modern Family.

Modern Family is already on its 6th season and it has been on my watch list for quite a while now. My cousin downloaded full episodes of this show along side while downloading episodes of SUPERNATURAL which all of us are addicted to.

Anyway, MODERN FAMILY is a comedy sitcom-ish American TV show that tackles the lives of Pritchett Family. It is called MODERN FAMILY because it depicts the lives of people who are a member of a very unusual and unlikely family you would never even imagine would exist. I mean, it is possible, but the way the characters are made and the way they portray their characters so damn well is another thing to watch out to.

I already watched a few seasons way back but it was not until last week that I was already thinking of a new show since SUPERNATURAL just ended their 10th season that I decided to finally download episodes of them. I downloaded the first two seasons and it was one of those decisions wherein I know I did something good for the humanity by watching it and tell people about it.

There are tons of things that I like love about this show and aside from the fact that they make me laugh, they also make my soul very very happy. And these are the things I think the reasons why people should watch MODERN FAMILY too.
  • The unlikely structure of their family broke the norm. 
  • There's a gay couple in it that adopted a Vietnamese daughter.
  • There's a ten year old boy that talks and thinks like an adult.
  • You'll already have an idea how your future teenage daughter or son would be.
  • They say the right things at the right times (well, probably not all times but they get it right)
  • There's a Colombian hot mama and her accent.
  • Her mispronunciations and bad driving too.
  • There's this parents that struggles in being cool parents.
  • Ridiculous sibling fights, You can relate. Even if you're an only child. lol.
  • The riot when they are all together.
And can I just add how Mitchelle and Cam became one of my most loved couple in the TV land? I mean.. how can you not love them? Most of the times, they argue cutely and Cam's crazy ideas and being so sensitive is just so damn adorable. Mitchelle's patience and love for Cam just makes my heart melt. Ugh!

And just like all the shows that I have watched, I mostly go to Pinterest to search for screen caps and other things about them and I stumbled upon these articles that my love not just for Mitchelle and Cam, but for the whole show grew!

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I hope you already have an idea now why you would wanna watch MODERN FAMILY. :)

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