What I Read Wednesdays Vol. 1

I know, another feature again. But I decided not to promise to do it regularly since I am still not used into having featured posts as well as I don't think I would have something to post on them every week so I guess, I'll just do this occasionally whenever I have something to post now. And I would like to share too, these awesome books, stories or article I stumbled upon somewhere or in the world wide web.
  1. First would be Helga's post that has awesome links all of you should check.
  2. I believe I already shared this post on this recent post of mine and it tackles about being in your 20's and single. Or, never had been into a serious and long term relationship.
  3. 10 Things The World Needs A Little From You - I like reading and stumbling upon posts like this that it inspired me to post 6 Things To Do To Be More Human and of course, 6 Things To Say To Be More Human.
  4. Smart Shaming and our Pinoy culture of anti-intellectualism - Because really, I am sure not only me can relate to this.
  5. 7 Struggles Only Single Girls Will Understand -- All right, I don't know why am I still reading articles such as this even though I already know what they would say. Lol.
  6. 13 Couples Who Fell In Love And Then Started Killing People - Because who doesn't know BONNIE AND CLYDE and interested in knowing couples like them? Sorry, but I do really love reading articles such as this.
  7. Things You’ll Struggle With For The Rest Of Your Life - I really like reading the obvious, no? Lol.
So yeah, that would complete my first ever WHAT I READ WEDNESDAYS. 

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