25 Things I Learned By 25 Years Part 2.

This is the second part of my pre birthday post and I can seriously say that compiling the things I have learned throughout the years I am living is kinda nauseous in a good way. It reminds me of the past choices in life and we all know that every lesson learned came from mistakes.

13.Family doesn't end with blood. Supernatural fans may already heard this before, but this really comes with the experience. I am a mother figure to some of my friends that's why I have a number of "children" among my peers. I really treat them preciously and as a family. And having someone you feel protected of because you care for them and you love them means you have given them yourself as a family to them and they are to you too.

14. People are usually afraid of something they don't understand and it shouldn't be a reason to stop trying to understand. They are also afraid to break the norms just because they were born into it or they grew up with it even though they know it's just fair to do what they want to do rather than be jailed in something that society only dictates them to do. And I refuse to do this. To be like this. Instead of knowing more, they settle for the information that was fed to them thus they believe in it for a long time until they have the courage to learn or know their self.

15. People will always break your trust but it's not an excuse not to trust again. Breaking trusts seemed to be a human nature. It goes around. And that's actually living.

16. Being different will always get you to be called "crazy" or "mentally ill" for people who aren't really open with changes and and to make you feel bad. Growing up, whenever I am in an argument or just simply stating what's on my mind, even my brother call me names such as "crazy" or because I had typhoid fever when I was young that my brain had issues. It hurts, but I read an interview with Senator Meriam Defensor Santiago that she had been called worse, and that it was because she's different. She achieved so much and she talks with sense and other people seemed to be lost that they have no choice but to call her names to make her feel bad, and to make their self feel better. It made me realize it.

17. You don't have to have an organized social media account profile. Being messy is fine, as long as you are aware of what you post on it, may it be photos or statuses. Other people have this need to keep their instagram feed organized or with pattern. Other people just post song lyric lines or quotes on their twitter or facebook. It's okay if you want, but you don't necessarily NEED to fit.

18. Plastic and backstabbing game is so childish. I hate it whenever people have issues about this without realizing that it's actually a human nature. People talk, they will always say something about you, but it doesn't mean they hate your or they want you to do harm. Even your bestfriend hates something about you, and you do too. We all have this need to talk to someone about it, because we have and need to, not to do harm or what. It goes around. So really, it's okay for me knowing other people talk about me, it's like, whatever I do, there will always be about me they would talk about. So what's the point? But I'd still talk to them because that's what you call being human. You don't slap someone because you don't like them. Be civil.

19. Platonic relationships exists. And I have a lot of them.

20. Relatives can bring you down and to cheer you up... and all it takes is one family gathering. It's a habit you love to hate but it's just that.

21. Internet is power. If you learn how to use it properly, you'd be a genius in your own way with internet, trust me.

22. Being 25 years old and still living with your family isn't embarrassing. I know, I probably planned years way back that when I reached this age, I'd already be living on my own, and I am not ashamed in realizing that I am still here, with my mother and siblings. So what if I still share room with my youngest sister? If we still go home to one house? We're family and even though there are times wherein we argue (most of the times) they are who I want to go home to.

23. Love isn't something you'll look for. That's why I am 25, happy and single. I don't look for it. I don't know if I am ready yet but if the timing would be good, then it's good.

24. Be nice to the employees of the places you go to, because just like you, they are just trying to make a living by working. Customers are always right? Then everyone will be right because at some point, everyone of us go to places where we become customers too. Just think about it.

25. You freedom will always depends on other's freedom. Think about it. You have your money, and it;s your rest day. You are free to go out and buy something for you, but the stores have freedom to if they want to open and sell their products. Let's say you have the freedom to call someone but it's also their freedom to not answer your call.

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