Friday's Ten Happy Things Vol. 1

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Anyway, my phone acted up twice this week before it really left me. I feel so damn bad about it and I tried to let it be fixed twice already but I guess, that's really it. Anyway, even though this happened, there's still a lot of things I am happy about.

1. Got my remaining complimentary copies of Faking It! I have been wanting to get it for quite a while but there hasn't been a legit enough reason for me to go back to the office to get it so when Sic asked me to accompany him, I gladly went with him and we got our complimentary copies of our books. We exchanged too!

2. Our editors gave me the go signal of just letting JUST ONE REASON be written in first person narration rather than to revise the whole thing. I politely told them that it will be a big no no for me to revise the whole thing (almost 60k words) into third person narration because it will be hard on my part as well as the fact that the story will be different from the original plot. Rather than not passing it, they gave me the permission to use the first person narration instead with the promise of polishing it more before I send it back for re evaluation. Happy Kid!

3. Love Desserts! It became our frequent habit to somehow eat at this dessert buffet resto in Banawe, which is just a tricycle away from our office. We were already hungry when we left so Sic suggested that we should just go eat there. Sic just got a little bit upset because there's a few FEU students who kept on bumping at him while he was eating and reading something on his phone. But all in all, we enjoyed it just like everytime.

4. One of my closest co writer's going to talk to this year's Philippine Literary Festival in Raffles hotel. Meaning, I can see him for the first time! I got invited to  be a speaker in last year's Phil Lit Fest being an ambassador of Booklat. I was supposed to be a part of this year too as Scarlette Queen but since my editor's knew that I don't want to face people as SQ yet, my friend Race Darwin got to be the sole speaker. I am so excited I am gonna meet him later! He's been aloof whenever we ask him for a meet up, but now we'll gonna see him at last!

5. Discovered a lot of bloggers that are worth following! I am always excited in discovering new blogs to follow and as well as new people to talk to!

6. Disqus is becoming one of my favorite site! I dunno why but Disqus became so appealing to me this week. Lol. Maybe because it's so easy to use and very user friendly.

7. Graham Balls. I thought of making graham balls out of the blue. I bought all the ingredients then made some. My tito and siblings really liked it. I got an idea that since my mom's in their school canteen aside from still teaching a few subjects, I made graham balls for her to sell. I made 26 pieces on the first day and it got sold out. My mom kept asking me to make but I told her that we shouldn't sell everyday because students might feel "umay" already. The first two days, sold out. I dunno, I feel proud. Lol.

8. Julian and Kat's still on the Best Seller for this month! I feel really proud seeing The Unlikely Business in top best seller for two consecutive months after the release! :)

9. Red Room Book Signing in MIBF. We finally have a schedule and Yui, who is one of my co writer and one of the people who inspired me to write an erotic romance is coming! Yey! I really hope for Race and Via to come too. We're scheduled on Thursday, 1pm onwards. 

10. Finally had the chance to have a booze with my cousin last night. I have been here in Manila for almost three weeks already and even though we're just an house away, last night was the chance our schedule finally met.

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