Life Lately: Via Instagram Vol. 1

My first week here in Manila after my three weeks splurge in our province isn't that exciting. A few people even asked me via facebook or instagram that I seemed so far because they haven't seen me again since I got home. I literally did not go out for four days since Monday. I had to go out this Morning because I had to put out the trash, and that's it. 

The first three images above summed up my first weekend here. Me and grand mother actually went back home because my Tito, who is only on vacation is about to go back in UAE after two days and he planned a little party before he go. We arrived Saturday morning, around 5:30am. I slept until afternoon and woke up when everyone is so busy. Me and my sister just told our Tito to just order food via  Cafe Maria Jerica so it will be less hassle since it'a raining a bit too.

We resumed the party until tomorrow morning, Sunday. It wasn't my first time to taste Jack Daniel's but I seriously loved it. I mean, it tasted peculiar (every liquors are) but I guess, it just suited my taste. The foods doesn't seemed a lot but we got by with a few leftovers the next morning.

For the past three days since Monday, I became busy with editing manuscripts and making an effort to really motivate myself in liking TRUE BLOOD. I watched the first episode ages back because I really wanted to watch something like TVD and The Originals but the first attempt, I find it boring. Three days ago, I gave it a try again. I let myself be dragged by the show until it's fourth episode and I gave up. I don't know if it's just me, if it's the show or both, but we did not get along. I'll give it a try again next time, maybe.

Two days ago, I don't know why but I just lost it. Negative thoughts came into me which is very unusual because I'm fairly an optimistic one. I have this habit, if not ability, to turn an unfortunate event into thinking that there's actually something good that might happened after that. But I guess, being optimistic for so long made me vulnerable for even a simple negativity I let into me. I wanted to post something in instagram that sums up what I feel and went to pinterest and found that image that says MY LIFE IS A MESS. And it hit something in me. I wasn't a very organized person and I should just laugh about the phrase but then, I know, deep inside that it's really not about being organized. And I cried. For a few minutes, I feel so damn weak.

CAMERON DALLAS. I can't even comprehend what happened. To me, or the universe for that matter.  Months way back, I was entertained by the rave GRIND ON ME VINES and decided to download VINES. For a few days, I just kept on watching random videos until I got tired of it and uninstalled it on my phone. A few days after, I heard about the MAGCON BOYS and that they are actually from vines. I feel so giddy, knowing that there are also people who got famous in VINES making 6 seconds videos. I mean, how would you do that? And I am once again curious. YOUTUBE was very kind enough to supply me with these people's names and faces.

I'm sorry if I'm making this long but I just want to justify myself, alright. Lol.

Anyway, I started watching their videos and NASH GRIER caught my eye. Yes, fine, they're younger and I am already old and I shouldn't be crushing on these babies but ugh! NASH GRIER'S blue eyes kept on hypnotizing me plus the fact that he makes videos with SKYLNN is so adorable. Fine, it's really not a crush, but an adoration in some ways that I find them quite fascinating at some level. After some time, I got a bit turned off with them because I find their videos a bit childish, nonsensical and very random.. in a bad taste for me. But at least I get to know most of them.

From time to time, I still watch random videos of them. Most of the time, these MAGCON BOYS are together in one video and I make sure to watch the non nasty videos they make. I followed NASH GRIER and CAM DALLAS in their instagram.

And I don't know what happened yesterday morning that suddenly, that image of CAMERON welcomed me when I opened my instagram. I mean, I already posted an image of him that I stumbled upon PINTEREST that I found him hot in there but the image up there was way more hot. I feel like a sinner just by looking at this guy. I really find it creepy of me feeling giddy seeing him like this.

Please, I am not a perv and I am not "perving" over this baby, but something inside me really stirred and I don't know why. Fascination again, I guess? Sorry NASH. CAM got me with this photo. Lol.

The last photo was taken just a little while ago. It's Martha Cecilia's KRISTINE SERIES in Black Edition. It's a limited one and I am sure you can't find any of it anymore, depending if our boss decided to reprint some copies or what. Book 1 was given to me as a gift by our boss, then the next three, I bought. I just missed reading it so I took it out and read some passages of the books.

So yeah, that sums up the whole first week I was once again here in Manila. Tomorrow's my father's birthday and my cousin's coming over. It would be fun since it's been quite a while since all of us got together.

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