Friday's Ten Happy Things Vol. 2

Better late than none at all, eh?

Had a little problem going online but finally had my hands on a laptop again.. and the internet. Lol.

1. Finally met Race Darwin and his crew! I also met some of the familiar faces and friends last Monday afternoon. The bonding time was cut short because I had another place to be with. But it's all fun.

2. Sandro Rabello Jr happened! This hottie is a Brazilian model who is currently in Malaysia. He learned a few tagalog words and sometimes posts pictures in snapchat for his Filipino fangirls. He's also really very approachable (tho I don't really talk to him. I just can't stop commenting on his pictures and videos lol) and he would like comments and shared posts. Lol. He's taken and his girl's kinda understanding of her boyfriend's admiring fans. Haha.

3. Don Day Korean Restaurant. Came there last Sunday with Sic and Eydee (Both writers from Wattpad)

4. Had the chance to taste The Nook's Butter Beer courtesy of Sic and Eydee. We came here after eating at Don Day. Maginhawa is really a foodies' paradise!

5. Karaoke at Center Stage Timog! Tho it was a bit terrifying experience after that, we still had fun singing for three hours.

6. Our last stop for that Sunday night was in Starbucks Up Ayala Town Center until past midnight.

7. My small graham balls venture's still doing good! Teehe. Mom's just worried that I might be "lugi" but it's not, I assured her.

8. Knowing that a fellow Wattpad Writer won a Palanca award made me very happy. She said that she wanted people to know who looks small at Wattpad Writers that we may start writing and contributing at the Philippine Literature with our unpopular and informal works that we can progress to being better at our craft.

9. Saw that I was featured in Best Blogging Tips post by  International Blogging Association that I have been a part of recently and I am honestly happy being a part of the group.

10. Read a tons of pocketbooks and I am currently very inspired to write. Goodluck to me!

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