Friday's Ten Happy Things Vol. 5

Another day for Friday's Ten Happy Things where I get to list the ten things that made me smile or happy the whole week!

To be honest, I almost forgot that it's Friday yesterday. I got immersed with watching and doing random things the whole day yesterday. Good thing I slept early last night and woke up earlier that I saw the strings of F10HT posts from the blogs I follow. Lol.

1. Total of 7 boxes of Graham Balls has been ordered for this week. 6 from MIBF (wattpad meet up) then 1 from a friend last Wednesday. Actually, there should be more than that, but I can't do shipping because the Graham Balls might spoil since it has milk in it. I am still trying to find a way or whatever, though.

2. Still a bit high from my last Book Signing event in MIBF. It was my first time to get out on public that I am also Scarlette Queen. Oh well.

3. Finally got the copies of my newest books! Yes!

4. Went out with these amazing people! Pinky and Tine! <3 It was actually Pinky's birthday and we celebrated it together!

5. Where did we celebrated? LOVE DESSERT! I'll never get tired of eating there. Aside from the reason that it's nearby our office when we get our checks, complimentary books or we're simply being called by our boss, it's either we eat somewhere but the choice will always be LOVE DESSERT. I also think that 199php for 2 hours of unlimited dessert is really worth it. They have a lot of cakes and you can personalize a crepe!

6. Discovered this new show: DOMINION. I am really not a fan of SciFi shows or movies. Anything with dystopian theme isn't really my theme but there's angels and wings and things in between. I tried watching the first episode and liked it. It's only in its second season and I am halfway into finishing it.

Ps. Archangel Michael kinda weirdly hot in here. I dunno but I just find him.. attractive and sexy.

7. We found a kitten outside our house and cared for it. When I asked my brother its gender, he said it's a boy, and its name is SIC. Lol. He named it after my co writer who's always having an overnight in our home. Maybe he got a little bit attached since they share jokes and cigarettes whenever SIC was here.

8. Mom bought tons of siomai. It's not really the legit ones that we buy in carts like SIOMAI HOUSE or something but she bought it in the market. It's relatively cheap and still tastes okay. Having a supply in our fridge is a good thing for me and my sister. We get to steam or fry it depending on our choice. Or in my case, depending on my mood.

9. My brother went home to our province, Catanduanes and I told him to bring a copy of my book to one of my fave cousin and they immediately took a photo of it with her son who is my Godson! Such a cutie! We've been joking about it that my book is where my 'expertise' in flirting goes. Lol.

10.  Judging a writing contest from watpad. I should finish this post now because I am still halfway of the scoresheets Lol!

Join the bandwagon and list the ten things that made you smile the whole week every Friday!

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