Wattpad Girl Crushes.

My mind was so blank this week that I haven't thought of anything to blog. That was the reason why there's two consecutive FRIDAY'S TEN HAPPY THINGS post before this. So I posted a question in my facebook for them to give me an idea on what to blog about. My darling co writer, NayinK gave me an idea to post about my wattpad girl crushes and thought it was a good one.

I have been in wattpad for four years. Half of it, I wasn't really active. I just post stories then log out of the site. But the at least two years I became active, since most of the writers in the site were women, you can't take it against me if I developed some girl crushes over the time.

They are posted randomly, no hierarchy whatsoever.


Not just a pretty face but also a pretty soul. I can't express enough how I love this girl. We have this connection even before we met each other. She's one of my first ever wattpad girl crush aside from the reason that she's one of the two inspiration of my alter ego.


This cutie pie is a fierce soul. I am so damn happy I get to talk to her. And she's my friend now! Yehey! I fangirl at this girl even before we meet. She's the other one aside from Yui in my inspiration for my alter ego. I just love the way she speaks her mind and the photo above is my fave photo of her.


Very pretty and very witty. You'll be entertained with her status regarding her everyday life, opinions and experiences as a nurse. She's the type you'll think of as a brat and a snob but seriously, you can never go wrong with this beauty. And I am so damn excited to have a drink with her in the future!


One of my baby bees! Just like the others, you'll think she's a snob because of her over all look but her looks can be deceiving because she's really easy and fun to be with. Very talented. Aside from being a writer, she can dance so damn good. I am her number one fan, and I always tell her that and I hope she won't forget.


My first and original baby bee. She called me mother bee first. And she became one of my wattpad girl crush because of the way she speaks her mind and the way she carries herself. I like that you won't think of her as a girl of her age because of the way she carries herself and the way she speaks her mind. My protective instincts always goes to her whenever we're together. 


Her fans calls her Queen for different reasons but for me, she became one of my wattpad girl crush because BENJAMIN JIMENEZ happened. Okay, I liked Rozen too but to a certain amount only because shhh! Don't tell Benj that. Lol. Haven't met her "personally" but I already saw her in person from afar.


I liked how simple she is but also easy to be with. I have met her a few times and there's never an animosity between us. She's so cute. This darling is also approachable and even though we never really hanged out for long, I knew she's fun to be with. And I am hoping to have a longer bonding time with her soon.


I love this girl. She's very talented and her self portraits are very artistic. I also like the fact that even though she's so damn far, it felt like she's just a town away from us. She can talk with us at ease and not getting annoyed with our constant double meaning comments about her and her works. Makes us love her so damn more! I wish to see her very soon!

If anyone of you who read this are from Wattpad, please make a post like this and comment your post link below. I would love to know who are your Wattpad Girl Crushes! :)

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