Worth The Wait.

It's that time of the year that I get excited aside from the reason that it's already the start of 'BER' months. Celebrations and happenings will soon start. But the other reason of my excitement is the fact that my favorite tv shows' new seasons are coming. Foreign shows are usually starting new seasons around this time. September to November. And here's my top 5 fave shows that I really really waited for their newest seasons!

1. Law And Order: Special Victims Unit Season 17.

I am a huge fan of this franchise. I started watching Law and Order for about five years ago. The original Law and Order is already on it's 20th season when it was cancelled the time I discovered it, Thus, it's one of the longest-running crime drama show on American Television. This is also one of the most successful franchise with other titular shows. Out of them, my heart really fell for this particular show. Law and Order: SVU is a fictional police unit that specifically attends to victims of rape, child abduction, sexual harrassments and the likes. I like their approach because they don't just show how they investigate the case but also showing how the trial goes on. There are even instances wherein cases from past episodes gets another highlight on newer episodes. Thus, it looks realistic. The officers are so diverse. It also follows the lives of the police involved and their own issues.

Their 17th season will be officially release September 23, 2015. A few more days of waiting! Yey!

2. Bones Season 11.

Bones is really symbolic for me. This is like the mother of all the shows I watched and still watching. Why? Well, this is the first ever American show I stumbled upon our cable one time I was going out to enroll for that semester, year 2009. I was waiting for my hair to dry while browsing channels until I stopped at FOX. The screen showed people on lab coats while examining a body. So yeah. Watched it then and like it that I started watching it online. After catching up until it's latest episodes, it was then that I looked for similar shows and it all started there. This show is a bout an Anthropologist, her partner FBI Agent (who is now her husband) and the whole Jeffersonian crew and their skills in knowing how a body was killed and who is the killer. There's a nice twist to it. Just when you think that person is the killer, he/she isn't! Or vice versa.

Bones' 11th season will officially start on October 1, 2015.

3. NCIS Season 12.

This show has also became a franchise with other titular shows like Law and Order. This show is about this certain TEAM from NCIS Washington that solves Naval related crimes. This show also tackles realistic issues and threats such as terrorism and other bombing attacks. The lives of the involved officers are also kind of interesting. This show is funny, peculiar and at the same time can make you cry till your eyes bulge. Seriously! Their changing line up of characters is one of the reason why I hate and love this show. But yeah, I still believe in the writers of this show even though I am really really sad about Kate and Ziva.

Season 12 of NCIS will be released on September 22, 2015. 

4. The Originals Season 3.

I wasn't really a hardcore fan of Vampire Diaries but I liked the concept so I watched it until it's fourth season. But I got tired of how the story went and I did not bother to watch its latest season anymore. So when I learned that the Original Family is gonna have their own show, I became excited. But it wasn't until its already in its second season that I started watching. It's actually a blessing in disguise since I had a lot to watch that time. This show, if some of you aren't familiar, is all about the original vampire family and their unending trusts issues. Lol. Kidding aside, even though I find it tiring, I still find the Mikaelson Siblings charming and very lovable.. even with blood on their lips.

The Originals Season 3 will be starting on October 3, 2015.

5. Supernatural Season 12.

I repeated watching the whole show this year while waiting for Season 11 to finish. I fell in love with this show HARD. When my brother gave me a cd of its first season, I did not watched it immediately because I thought it's damn scary. When I finally had the chance, I loved it. I watched it online. I catched up until its eight season. From then one, I am always waiting for every episode every season. This show is about the Winchester Brothers that fights the Supernatural.. while loving some of them. It tackles about the good and the bad, mythical creatures and family. It is said that SUPERNATURAL fandom is the biggest fandom in TUMBLR. I always laugh at the screenshots of a certain seemingly normal post until a fan would randomly insert a SUPERNATURAL gif or related answer. Lol.

Supernatural's 12th season will be released on October 7, 2015.


New TV Shows I am looking forward to!


I already actually watched the premiere PILOT episode of this and I think it's okay. I wasn't blown away but I am still looking forward to this.
What are the shows that you look forward for their newest season? Let me know below! :)

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