Friday's Ten Happy Things Vol. 10

Th whole week felt a little lifeless for me but still, there are a lot of other things that made ha smile, laugh and happy. And this are the ten things that matters this week!

1. Chelsea's Birthday Party at Volet's Resort

2. My first attempt in cooking potato and cheese balls last Sunday is not that bad. Lol. I was thinking of posting how I made this one but I'm still thinking. Haha.

3. #AldubEBTamangPanahon show at the Philippine Arena. I have seen a few news about this event but when we saw a video of the whole show in youtube, my sister and my mother asked me to watch it with them. And I don't know but #AlDub is really nakakakilig!

4. It's like a rest week since it's sembreak and I don't have to make graham balls until this coming Sunday yet!

5. My sister baked oatmeal cookies two days ago. Baked from our old oven toaster!

6. This coffee sago I thought of making when my sister forgot that I was asking her to buy gulaman but insisted that I told her to buy sago.

7. Got a bit motivated in updating my stories and hope that I can organize my thoughts and ideas soon so that I can finally write them down.

8. This special turon my mom made (even though we had a small misunderstanding last night) that I am currently eating. I put on some condensed milk! Yum!

9. I decided to self publish some of my story with my co writer and her stories after our contract ends this coming February. Don't get me wrong, we enjoyed the perks of having a company but we felt like we can grow more if we try to be indie for quite sometime and choose after we both experience being indie or exclusive.

10. Getting invited to two more birthday parties this coming November. Two debut, though. First one would be Tine's 18th birthday. Then Jay's 21st Birthday. How awesome, right? Work hard, party harder. Lol!

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