Friday's Ten Happy Things Vol. 7

This week is a lazy one for me. I just went out once, and it was supposed to be for a meeting about #FreeBookDayPH but the person we were meeting got stuck because of the rain so she cancelled the last minute. So yeah, most of the things that will be on this list are all about the simpler things in my life.

1. Cafe Maria Jerica's baked mac is love. My mother doesn't really like it particularly because she thinks it's bland but it's superb for me. The ham used is also a fave! It's very creamy, another thing I like about it the most.

2. First time eating at Project Pie and it's an awesome experience. Lol, kidding. It was a little bit frightening because we really don't know what to do at first. Glad that a staff asked us if it's our first time that she helped us on what to do.

3. Another Austin Kleon book, gift by Alie! Newspaper Blackout is really one of a kind. Books like these are my obsession. I don't usually buy novels by foreign authors. Instead, I like books such as these that focuses on creativity and such.

4. I received another set of Olay Total Effects and Bath Gel again! It means I won the contest I joined and still won even though I was late in giving out my information! Thanks Kumiko Mae of Loving Sunshine

5. My cousin's 22nd birthday was a blast. The foods are superb and the bonding!

6. Received a box of MAX'S CARAMEL BAR from a guy friend. I was just only kidding at first but then he said he would, so I said yeah. And he really did bought me one the next night. Haha.

7. Good vibes from my readers. Their constant random messages telling me they like or love my works and stories will never fail to make me smile!

8. This tweet from a co writer.

9. Looking at past book signing pictures! Nostalgia! It's been quite a while when we had a book signing (aside from MIBF) and the images says how we really enjoyed every bit of it!

10. Received another package from BDJ and this time, it's the PANTENE Pack! Will post a review about these babies soon!


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