Friday's Ten Happy Things Vol. 8

I have been feeling like I am going to be sick since two days ago and I am still not feeling well today and as of writing this but I never want to pass a chance to post on this link up. I really want to prove to myself that even in my blog, I would be consistent in this link up!

1. I can really feel the fruit of my labor on my graham balls business. The pay off is really rewarding. Aside from the 'money' I get, the feeling is really overwhelming.

2. Won an ALL ACCESS VIP PASS for the upcoming BELLE DE JOUR Share The Spark event that will be happening in SM MOA Music Hall this Oct. 18! It's my first time attending, I am all alone but I am hella excited!

3. Embracing Sample Room Ph again. I started being a sampler late 2012. They were just starting back then. There's no VIP members and whatnots and it is easier for me before because I am using my company given atm so there's no hassle. But I decided to try sampling again even though I have to go out to pay for the shipping fee.

4. More freebies arriving. My mom's getting used to seeing package being delivered into our home these past few days. Lol.

5. One of my story got approved for publishing again! It was a bit stressing because the evaluation process that was done into my story was longer and they made me revised it more than once. It's my first time doing so, most of my stories are evaluated in one take. I told myself that if the next email that will arrive would tell me to revise it again, I won't do it anymore, But hey, I received an email telling me it's approved, rather!

6. Entrepreneur magazine is love! My sister asked me to buy her a magazine with any entrepreneurs in it for their project, so I headed to BOOKSALE in Farmer and got one. The magazine was just resting in our living room when I decided to take a look and loved every page of it. It was an old issue and I decided to buy more soon.

7. Me and my sister went out to buy graham balls ingredients. After that, we roamed Farmers and bought unnecessary things, plus we bonded while drinking ZAQU. Simple things such as going out really makes me feel giddy because I just stay at home. Lol.

8.  There's this mysterious anon in my ask fm. It doesn't tell me if he's a he or she's a she or something, but it talks with sense so I just answer. It's fun to talk to it anyway.

9. My cravings for potatoes has been fulfilled!  

10. It's week end so it's rest day. No graham balls to make! Lol.

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