Friday's Ten Happy Things Vol. 9

Another Friday, another list of then things that made me smile this week!

I really feel like a monk for not really going out that much lately, but I don't know where else I should go. Although I have a few plans next week as well as the fast approaching November. I really wanna visit National Museum since the entrance for the whole October is free, then there's Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo. Anyway, i just hope I wouldn't be too lazy to go and avoid the 'just cuddle the pillow and stay at home' mood. Lol.

1. Finally attended a mass together after quite sometime. I told my Mom and sister that we should all go together. And we did. Mom's fond of attending mass in Farmers Mall. It's really nice since the mall have this place for the mass itself every night.

2. MCDO French fries cravings satisfied! I wasn't really feeling well after we attended the mass and we decided to just take out a food rather than eat outside. I have been craving for Mcdo french fries so that's what me and my sister got since I don't really feel like eating heavy.

3. Good news. But I am not yet allowed to talk about it. I don't wanna jinx it. Lol. I really really hope it would be pushed through. I am just waiting for the announcement if it would really happen.

4. Swimming tomorrow! I'll be going to a friend's birthday tomorrow with a co writer and some of our friends. It will be celebrated in a resort somewhere in Dasma and I am so excited.

5. This Callum's status I stumbled upon a while ago. I really laughed out loud! Lol!

6. I get to talk to other bloggers more than I used to. I don't know, I feel like I really really love disqus for this. I get to talk to a few bloggers I follow in comments and I feel giddy whenever I receive a notification that they replied! *kiligs!*

7. Resumed watching CASTLE after a few years! I can't believe they're in SEASON 8 already! I started watching this when it was just on SEASON 3 and I am really really happy. I don't think I am ready to resume watching SUITS for now. So hallelujah! I am binge watching CASTLE since I am just on season 5.

8. This throwback picture I stumbled upon my personal account. This was taken late 2009. I was still a part of the now defunct STELLAR PRODUCTION. We were waiting for other bands at that time so I got a chair and sat at DAYO'S entrance. Others went out too, my co organizers and other band members (in the image, I am with people from 4 bands) and I already forgot who took the snap. I feel like a matriarch of some gang or something. Lol! I miss organizing gigs!

9. I feel like a better person because I have been being consistent in my face regimen lately. I know, I should have started earlier way back but I really wasn't into this kind of thing. My face will never be back to being as youthful or as smooth and clear as before and I don't wish for it to happen anymore but at least I get to start now that I'm only 25!

10. Beauty Blender! I bought a beauty blender in this newly opened Korean Store in Farmers. I have been dying to try using it because they say it really blends the make up well. It's fairly cheap, and of course I know that the quality will not be like the beauty blender itself but fudge! I really loved the result. The finish is really fine. I wonder if the real beauty blender would be better.

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