7 Reasons Why You Would Want SIC SANTOS As A Best Friend.

It became the inevitable. The more followers you have or the more well known you are, the more haters and bashers would just be waiting for you to do something to give them reason to hate you or to bash you. I have had a lot of it, and I am not even that well known in the wattpad community. I mean, I have a bunch of followers and all, but if there's one people who endured so much hate for the same reason, I guess one of the most perfect candidate and example is one of my closest friend and co writer, SIC SANTOS.

I know, some people were like "He's a writer?! He's a guy! How come?!" and some "Did he really wrote *insert title of Sic's published book/s here* or someone did it for him and just used his name because he's popular?" like WTF, people? Can't a guy be a writer?

Anyway, we've known each other for almost two years now and if there's someone who can attest to the fact that SIC isn't what other people perceived him to be, I guess I can be one of the many people who would gladly do so. I heard a news that two nights ago, someone posted a hate message about him in his own group and his readers has gone ballistic over the fact that that hate message was really a bit personal and with so much obvious hate for his success and other achievement. I did not had the chance to read the actual posts but reading his reader's posts about it, I already have the idea.

Anyway this post is dedicated for people who already loves and adore him, for the people who would want to get to know him more or for people who are his confused fans. Be green with envy that we have someone as Sic Santos as a friend in our lives.

1. He will judge you and your whole existence but it's okay, because he's still your friend and will probably just stay in your life. For people like me who knows how tactless and careless he is with his words, this is an obvious giveaway. He would call you names but you would just likely to laugh it off because you know that whatever name calling he did, it's just because he's like that, and that would be an essential part of the friendship with him. The best thing about this? You can also call him names as a revenge and there would be no hard feelings. Ever.

2. He care a lot about his fans and readers. Seriously. Remember the giveaways in his book signings? Some of it came from his own pocket, while others are voluntarily given by his admins or other readers. Remember him sitting for almost six hours in his book signing on the last MIBF? He was just supposed to stay and sign for three hours, but he just can't stand up and leave his fans and readers there. He was so tired after that but he said it was worth it. Remember when fans would ask for a snap while we are walking around and he would gladly say YES and pose and smile for the camera? Ask and you shall receive. As much as possible, he wants to give back the love and support he received from his supporters. He even do stupid things like making videos just to make his supporters laugh. Check his facebook account and browse on his videos. And even though he really can't accommodate all of them, he really appreciates every messages and gifts from them. He puts efforts on his supporters, what more to a friend, specially a best friend?

3. He knows when to throw a joke or when to be serious. There are readers, fans and supporters who would randomly send him a facebook message or tweet. Most of the times he would reply with a sarcastic remark. Then on some situations like having a basher or a hater, he would still make you smile with his seriously-ish post about it. It goes on with his friends. He would joke around but knows when to be serious even though it would look totally a bit awkward specially if like me, you are used to him being funny and all. But that's the point. Your friendship with him is based on happiness that you don't think of problems when you're with him at all.

I even saw a 'patama' post about him being friendly. The person said that because he's always giving time with talking to his fans that he isn't as high in the pedestal anymore, like someone they know. Lol. That was really funny. They treat us wattpad writers as celebrities in terms of leveling and would say a lot of things about us because of it.

4. He isn't pretentious. If he has money, he has. If he doesn't, he would gladly say so. I mean, a lot of people nowadays used in living a life more than they can afford to. And we are not an exception. It's just that, I have seen and met a lot of people who would pretend to be someone they are not and Sic is obviously not one of them. If he can, he would. If he couldn't he would gladly say so. If you tell him you'll treat him and ask for what he wants to eat, he would tell you in a heartbeat. If you want to give him a gift and would ask him what he wants, he'd gladly tell you what. I mean, he rarely asks. Most of the time, he gives. And I don't see anything wrong with this. He's not 'pabebe' because he knows what he wants. He also knew exactly what he can and cannot do, he knows his limits as a person and as a writer.

5. He likes to eat, and would want you to want you to eat with him. He would gladly treat you because he's as gallant as that.

Yep, we're the KFC team. Lol.

6. He will find a way to help you if he knows he can and you're in need. We've been into numerous events, book signings, overnights and other places. I don't want to be overly dramatic but seriously, people just misinterprets him but he's nothing but a good friend. If he knows he can do something about it, he wouldn't think twice of helping. He has his ways. I don't want to elaborate in this one but I am just one of the many people who knows this about him.

7. He's famous, but will never make you feel like he is. He would even be mad if someone would treat him as if he's an alien from a different planet. He would like it more if you would interact with him as a human. He knows that his supporters adores him so much but most of the times, he treats them as friends specially if they really took the time to talk to him. We would usually joke about him being a celebrity and it's a common joke for all of us.

There are a lot of reasons why someone would want SIC SANTOS to be their best friend and the 7 things above were just the tip of an iceberg. 

I hope people would just stop judging people base on things they expect them to be. It's wrong in all aspects.

Anyway, if you want some good vibes whenever you're feeling down, you can check his stories here: https://www.wattpad.com/user/owwsic

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