Friday's Ten Happy Things Vol. 12

I got a little bit preoccupied the whole week and I don't know if it's a good thing or not. But I feel positive all week because I can finally enjoy the fruit of my labor, soonest!

1. East West Bank is LOVE. They made my life easier. Will post something about this.

2. Faking It is in BEST SELLER. I mean, it's the first time that it got in, and it's almost two years since the books were released. Weird. Lol.

3. The Unlikely Business did not left the RED ROOM Best Seller list. 

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4. I feel positive that I can pass another manuscript before December ends. And I really have to!

5. Skyp-ed with my cousins from UAE. It's rare for me to sit down and skype with someone. I don't know, it's not my thing. I'm more of a chat/message person. But I really enjoyed and liked it.

6. Self publishing plans is getting there. It's a little nerve wrecking because I got to do all the stuff like editing, I have to take care of formatting, cover and other thing. But that's also the fun part. So, so far I am enjoying this. I know, time will come and the hardest part will come but I'm still positive in this venture.

7. We've been eating 'ginataan' for a few days and no regrets. When Mama went home last week from Bicol because of the long Holiday to visit Papa's grave, she went home with a bunch of dried fish. And were suckers for anything with coconut milk so it's one of the best moments, ever.

8. A friend would treat us to STAR CITY later. As childish as it sounds, and even though I am really not into amusement parks, I am still excited for this because I'm gonna be with some of my closest friends that I met in the wattpad community! The last time I went there with a friend, we just kept on riding bumper cars. Lol.

9. Anticipating #FreeBookDayPH and #Tv5WritingSeminar later. The two events overlap but I have to go to both of them. So after the Free Book Day PH in De LaSalle, I have to head to Limbaga at Tomas Morato.

10. Connor Walsh is perfection. His character might be too sexual but damn, I like him not just because of his hot damn look but his character's progress throughout the show as I was watching him, specially towards having a 'real' relationship with Oliver. #CoLiver <3

Join us and list the ten things that made you smile the whole week every Friday!

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