Pantene 3 Minute Miracle + Hair Fall Shampoo + Hair Fall Conditioner.

I received these babies almost a month now and I haven't had the chance to make a review immediately because of some instances so I just started using it not until two weeks ago. And here's what I think after using it for a few days. I would just make it short and on point. I don't really know how product review goes but I would do my best to let y'all know my experience while using this.

Hair Fall Control Shampoo

The smell is terrific. My hair's kinda dry and I loved how even though I only used the shampoo and my hair felt really tamed. I mean, I would still prefer if I would use a conditioner but since I'm just at home, so, I decided to try not using the shampoo with conditioner at first try. And I liked the result. 

Hair Fall Control Conditioner

This conditioner's smell is the same as the shampoo (of course) and it compliments the wonders that the shampoo has made into my hair. I used this for about six days consecutively with the shampoo and my sister tried it twice or thrice and we were both satisfied. I noticed the less hair fall after three days or so. Or maybe, I wasn't just that harsh to my hair these past few days but still, I loved this product. The smell stays longer than other shampoos and me and my sister approves!

Hair Fall Control 3 Minute Miracle

I used this thrice with the shampoo (yep, my hair's really not that long and thick so this small bottle had a long way with me and my sister) and I did not notice significant change. It felt like I'm still just using the conditioner. But my sister, who's hair was naturally wavy and is getting her hair straight every six months noticed an effect. She would usually iron her hair so the visible wavy area won't be really visible too much but when she used this, we both saw that the wave's still there, but it's not as wavy as before. I mean, I don't know if that's a supposed to be perks while using this but I would definitely buy this to try this longer. And well, for my sister as well. I did not notice the smell the first time I used this because maybe I just focused on the shampoo's smell. The tube is also bigger, I think, for the mixture itself. It would be better of the tube would be full of the mixture.

Do I recommend? 

Yes! Specially for people who have hair fall problems.

Would I buy again?

Definitely yes!

I received a free sample pack of these products for reviews but all of my opinions stated were true and from my own real experience.

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