Series of Unfortunate and Funny Events.

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A week ago, Sic asked me to accompany him while he stays overnight in a certain hotel nera NAIA prior to his flight the next day to Davao for an event. Remington Hotel in Resorts World is where we were headed. It was my first time going out the whole week because I don't want to be #APECtado and going there became all smooth because we decided to take a cab from Cubao. 

Anyway, the stay was kind of a little disaster and I still find it funny. We just laugh about it whenever we remember.

  • When we went up and he looked at the room number written in the small card he was holding, it wasn't really clear and we both thought the room is 5003 so we looked for the room. I was about to tell him why is there a DO NOT DISTURB sign but I didn't have time because he already got the key card in and we both went inside, only to be shocked because there's already a shirt hanging and a brown towel in the bed. So we went out and went down to the reception where she corrected that the room number is actually 5008. He said that we're still lucky we did not saw any 'explicit' event happening. Lol.
  • We inserted the key card so we can open the lights but the key card seemed to be not working. We feel like fools turning the key cards because maybe we're doing it wrong so Sic called and when the help came with a new key card, turned out, ours was really busted because the lights turned on with the new one inserted.
  • We wanted pizza or pasta for dinner, so I suggested him to install the FOODPANDA application so we can know the nearby food establishments that can deliver to us. Luckily, there's Greenwich. So we ordered, only to be denied three times because of different reasons. We started calling at 6pm and decided that if they still denied our delivery request for the third time, we should just go eat somewhere else. And it did. So we went down.
  • The next morning, we waited for the shuttle to send us over to NAIA. But halfway there, the driver just asked us to walk because the road conveniently closed for the arrival of the VIP. The police officer said it would just take at least an hour or two. So we walked from Villamor to NAIA Terminal 3.
  • After Sic checked in, I waited for a while since I trusted what the police officer said that after an hour, the road would be open but it did not. I walked to Villamor only to find out that there's no jeep or cab to ride on.
  • I rode a scooter from Villamor to EDSA because I have no choice. But the thing is, the driver counter flowed when she saw that the road to EDSA was traffic. She got ticketed and I just paid her a bigger amount than what I was supposed to pay her for the trouble.

The room was nice and comfy when we went in. The bathroom was clean and I like that the lights are cozy. It always makes me feel relaxed when the ambiance is cozy.

The standard room. I looked for it before we went and it costs 4k+ a night or so.

I got the first bed and the remote. Lol.

Although the room was nice, we had a bit of issues with the hotel itself. Although nothing of a big deal but here's what we think. 

  • Sic fell in line for almost ten minutes before he checked in. There's a line in the counter and Sic complained that they are a little slow in moving
  • The room number that was supposed to be written neatly. I mean, what if the customer isn't like us and would complain? Or what if there's a person in the room we accidentally opened because we thought it's Sic's room? We don't know why Sic's key card was able to open that room too and when he asked the receptionist, she doesn't know why too.
  • No conditioner. Lol. 
  • The hot shower's a little too hot.
  • When Sic called to ask for another key card because the lights aren't working, he said he's not even done talking but the person on the other line already disconnected.
  • The room is near the fire exit and it was around midnight that we heard loud people talking almost just outside our doors. I mean, guests wouldn't do that. Instead, they would just go inside their rooms, right? We suspected that it's the hotel crew. Or if we're wrong, it's still wrong to talk loud on hallways specially at that time.
I just want to clarify though, that the FOODPANDA staff are very polite and accommodating. They called us to inform us that our delivery requests are denied politely. I can even feel the frustration of the person on the third call because she feels sorry that our request was denied again. I also felt her sounding relieved when I said that we'll just cancel the order because of the circumstances. Although my first experience with FOODPANDA wasn't great, I still commend them for their customer service.

The morning after, before we checked out. Lol.

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