Weekend In Batangas.

Last December 19, my mom, my sister and myself went into Batangas. It has been planned almost a month ago when my mother was invited to be a principal sponsor in a wedding. My mom already said that if there would be no hindrance, we should go. It's a luck when mom met an old family friend who's from Batangas and when she learned about our future trip, she told us to come visit them too. It's a fortunate thing because aside from the fact that we would automatically already have a place for the night and we don't have to go to the resort/hotel nearby, they would make sure that we arrive at the place since we don't know our way in Batangas. We also had a lot of fun and my mother and Tita Edith had a lot of catching up done.

We arrived at the Batangas Central Terminal around 10pm because of traffic. We rode a JAM LINER bus from their terminal in Kamias. Tita Edith said we should choose a bus with no LIPA on their destination because it means we still have a lot of places to go to wherein if we choose a bus with only CALABARZON in it, it will be easier. But because of the traffic, our supposedly 3 hours or so ride became 5 hours!

Anyway, to lighten up the mood, I had a WOW MALI moment while we were still waiting for the bus to be filled with passengers. I went down to go to the bathroom. When I went out, I saw a small line of people going up our bus, so I excused myself and went up. The guard asked me if I have someone with me and I said yes, confidently pointing to our chair, only to realize that my mom and my sister wasn't there. I let my poker face linger as the guard said "Ma'am, sa kabila po yata kayo." I walked down still chin up and went into our bus next to that bus.

Then I kept on pestering my sister about it because I was so damn embarrassed. Lol.

When we're already at the Balagtas Exit, the conductor asked if there will still be people who will get off at the terminal since it's already late and there will be no jeep to ride on. That's when I realized how it's really convenient that Tita Edith's sister who was my classmate and a friend all the way back volunteered to fetch us. Whew!

The next morning, we're all busy because they decided to come with us all.

My mom's rocking her silvery/cream long gown. Haha! Their house is heavy with Christmas decor, I swear! This was taken before we all went to the church. Tita Edith's husband was readying the other car where the oldies would use and Tita Edith's oldest son will be our driver in the other car.

We were also with Khian! Kate, my schoolmate's baby! She married one of our schoolmate too and baby Khian's their love child. We're also with baby Khian's nanny. And of course, Geniel at the steering wheel! 

Our baby Khian fell asleep on the road! Such a cutie! :)

My mom's really into her gown. Lol.

We went to THE LITTLE BRIDGE RESORT for the reception and it's just a few meters away from the church.

The wedding was one of the most beautiful wedding that I have experienced coming in to. And I haven't been to so much. It was a little chaotic but it became organized again and a lot of picture takings had been done in the reception. Since the groom's family is our far relative and Tita Edith's sister and mother came with us and we all came from one province, who would have thought that the groom's mother actually knew Tita Edith's mother? I mean, it wasn't really that impossible but it felt like it became a reunion for the oldies.

We went home after an hour or two. We plan to go home that afternoon but Tita Edith stopped us. We took it easy for a while until they decided to have a joyride.

I went with them, knowing they would only get the SPECIAL LOMI they ordered somewhere. I don't even know where we are going! All I know is we already passed the Mabini, Batangas plaza or something. 

The road made us remember the road from Virac to our small town of Panganiban in Catanduanes. It felt nostalgic, specially the road was also winding and there's a lot of trees and plants everywhere.

We stopped for a while to take a picture of this view. It's Sea's Spring Resort and I will have a separate blog post about this one.

We went home to these pizzas and ate it with the lomis we bought.

We stayed the night and my mom and sister went home first while I stayed for a little while because I met with Sic (who is just nearby, actually) but also went home that night.

It was fun roaming around a city I wasn't really familiar, but I am still lucky since I have people I am with. Since some of my readers are from different provinces, I thought of an idea to meet them and let them be my tour guide on the next place I fancy. Lol.

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