You Are Beautiful.

It's 6am in the morning and I am motivating myself to type at least a few hundred words on any of my long list of on going stories when I stumbled upon this video I want all of you to see. I just finished watching it and I automatically thought that I should share this. It made me smile and tear a bit and I was so happy I saw this video. 

Seriously. One of the best thing that I have seen in the internet. 

I saw this video on a post by WHEN IN MANILA and I feel like an idiot smiling alone the moment I saw these people smiled because they were called beautiful. It's not even directly said! this video is so powerful. Well, at least for me. Imagine telling or calling someone you know that they are beautiful and you'll see them smile and be happy like this? If you think about it, it's not the superficial BEAUTY that was associated in this video. There are even men in here who were touched because they were called SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL. I was just so happy at the moment and I am sure I'll go back to this video every once in a while if I want more positive in my life.


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