A City Away From The City: Tagaytay

Tagaytay has been one of the many places I wanted to go to this year. Aside from the reason that it's near, it's colder and one of the most well known tourist destination here in the country, it just so happens that there's a bus terminal that's just walk away from home.

I met with Rovhie around past 5am in a 7/11 branch near EDSA where it would just be walk away from the terminal. We chitchat a bit then we bought our drinks. I finally tasted Locally's Tamarind and I am obsessed! Anyway, the bus was half full when we arrived and it departed around 6am. It's still dark and it really feel nice because there's no traffic. I am a little confident with this trip because I have been researching the Tagaytay routes and such for almost three nights. I am afraid we might be lost so yeah.

The ride was surprisingly smooth. No traffic, the delay was just because of the stop overs but all in all, it was fast and Rovhie's being a diva and half drunk. Lol.

First stop, Mahogany Market. Reading seeing blogs about the Bulalo in Mahogany Market makes me crave for it every time. So of course, we're not going to let the opportunity pass by! You can see signs like the image above so you won't be really lost. The first floor of the new market are vendors of raw beef meat while the second floor is where the Bulalohan is.

Yep, you'll be welcomed by this sign so you can't blame the place if you got lost. Lol.

We chose Romel's because there's plenty of space. Rovhie's being a diva again. Lol.

This serving is for 3-4 people and we just gulped this by the two of us. It's really refreshing. 

Free bananas! We've been joking about it because Rovhie's been looking for the biggest one in this particular batch that was served to us.

By the way, because there's no traffic, we arrived at the Mahogany Market past 8am! So we decided to take our time.

After our breakfast, we decided to walk the road to Mendez. I was confident of walking because I know that at the end of the road we can ride the jeepney to our next destination, SKY RANCH. So we did. We even saw an old ruined house and we almost went in but Rovhie's scared. Haha!

It wasn't really our intention to stay longer. What I want is to just experience the Ferris wheel or the Sky Eye. I am a fan of high place wherein I can see scenic views so even though I think it's pricey, we went inside.

Before we decide to buy tickets, we roam around the place. It was a refreshing experience. The sun was scorching hot but the wind is cold. There isn't a lot of people at that time or maybe we're just still early. I let Rovhie buy the tickets.

And boom, when I saw the receipt, he also bought us tickets for other rides! Lol.

I really enjoyed the SKY EYE. It was air conditioned and I think our 10 minutes inside is worth it.

We stayed inside SKY RANCH until lunch.We talked about eating in Picnic Grove for lunch because we're heading there next.

Yep, that's the only 'good' picture I have when we went to Picnic Grove because we left after a few seconds inside. We got a little bit suffocated because of the amount of people there. And I mean there's a damn lot of people! There are large signs saying there shouldn't be solicitations but every corner of the place was swarming with people soliciting for boats, overnight places and other services.

We did not pushed through our plan to go to People's Park anymore thinking there would still be a lot of people too. I understand that we came in weekend but we never thought it'll be that crowded. So we just went back to Olivarez to eat lunch in KFC.

It was around 2pm that we decided to go home.

It was a fun experience even though we didn't really had the chance to explore the places we wanted to go to. I already went to People's Park around 5 years ago because of a class tour. I feel wee tired when I arrived home and I think it's because my body wasn't really used in going out this long and doing much but this is just the first of the wandering I'll be doing this year.

Breakdown of expenses -

San Agustin bus to Tagaytay - 112php
Bulalo in Mahogany Market + Rice - 195php (My share)
Jeep to Sky Ranch - 8php
Sky Ranch Entrance Fee - 80php (I don't know if it's a promo or what. 50php for weekdays)
Ferris Wheel (Sky Eyel) - 150php 
Rovhie's Treat - Coaster + Viking!
Propel flavored water - 24php
Jeep to Olivarez jeep terminal - 8php
Jeep to Picnic Grove - 12php
Picnic Grove entrance fee - 50php
Jeep to Olivarez Park - 12php
KFC lunch - 95php (Large drink lang talaga habol ko, eh. lol)
San Agustin bus to Cubao - 104php

850php in total only! :) smile em

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