Friday's Ten Happy Things Vol. 15

I wasn't into blogging lately. I have a few backlogs and I plan to catch up with them until next week. I was a little sad that Helga wasn't updating yet on her blog but I am kind of happy that everyone's seemed to be still doing this link up. While I wasn't really posting anything for the past few weeks, I am still reading posts from the people that I follow so I am kind of updated with you, guys! Lol.

1. Went to Pinto Art Museum last Saturday. I was with a friend and I had a nice time! I am gonna blog about it soon.

2. I am very active at updating a certain story and I am receiving good feed backs! They are  also raving about how I described the male character and they love him.

3. The Precious Pages Anniversary Sale. I thought there will be none since usually, they announces it earlier but then, I think it's a better deal since it's cheaper. It would usually be 50% off on most of their items at all branches but this year, it's different. It's cheaper. The only problem is that it's only happening at the warehouse where most people doesn't know how to go.

4. Our youngest cousin in my father's side turned one month today! I haven't seen her personally but I can see a lot of pictures of Baby Kiesha since my other cousins kept taking pictures of her! I wanna carry her so bad!

5. Found a new TV show that got me hooked. Chicago PD has been making magic. I am very choosy when it comes to the shows I watch. I try watching different shows once in a while but they rarely stick out and Chicago PD did.

6. Survived the hell week. And I mean, literally a hell week. My monthly visitor came on Monday and my dysmenorrhea did not let me rest until the next day. Then Wednesday came and I experienced headache the whole day. Then I started sneezing the next day and before I knew it, I already have runny nose. I only managed to make graham balls twice! Three days is a waste, But still, I survived, I drank a lot of water because I seemed to be lacking on it that I started having headaches. I am better now.

7. Sic went here for a sleepover last Sunday and a friend  treat us lunch via delivery! Our favorite Cafe Marie Jerica did not let us down. Even though our orders came after two hours. Lol. 

8. Me and my sister have been baking often. Our old oven toaster's still with us. I bought a set of disposable aluminum foil tray and we just bake what we can.

9. Finally cooked molo soup for dinner last night. Few years back, when we had a sleepover in a friend's house, our breakfast was a molo soup cooked by my friend's sister. It stuck, and I have been wanting to cook it for quite sometimes but I always forget, so two days ago when I bought grocery supplies, it was fortunate enough that I caught a glimpse of molo wrappers near french fries. So there. I am so proud of myself. Lol.

10. Hooray for THE BLACKLIST'S newest episode. When I signed up for NETFLIX, i stumbled upon the series THE BLACKLIST and I liked it. Unfortunately, there's only 2 seasons there but when I looked upon it in my favorite website wherein I use to watch American tv shows, there's already 3 seasons, And the latest episode was posted a while ago. #HappyKid

What made you happy this week? :)

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