Friday's Ten Happy Things Vol. 16

Here I am again as I list the ten things that made me happy and smile this week!

1. Overnight at the overlooking (Cloud 9 and Wackie) in Antipolo with these amazing people last Saturday! After Sic went to the concert of The Vamps, we met in Cubao past 12am. We arrived past 1am but we still made the most of it.

2. That one person I really want to be friends with in Facebook as well as in person just added me! Alright, I had to delete some inactive friends and some more followers to accommodate him. I have been trying to add him since 2014 (yes, kinda obsessed) but he's full. So a new friend that I just met in the overnight said she's actually talking to him (we both has a crush on him) and said she'll talk to him to add me. Turned out, he can't add me too so after three tries, a friend request came. Yes!

3. Precious Warehouse Sale! Seriously, I got all of these for just 255php. Our cab fares are more expensive than what I spent on the books I bought. It was chaos but I am so happy with all that I got. I still want to go back but I don't know if I still can. Tomorrow's the last day.

4. Being really productive in writing. I am really happy that I am in the mood most of the times. And it's happening frequently. Last year wasn't really a productive year in my writing life. I only published 2 books and passed 1 manuscript like what the hell, right? So I am really determined to turn that around!

5. Argos. My scarlette readers love every bit of him.

6. What Happened in Vegas. It has been a while ever since I watched a romcom movie and it felt refreshing seeing Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher starring in this movie. Thank you, Netflix! I am still not gonna subscribe after the free trial though. Lol.

7. Halstead Brothers. Jay Halstead of Chicago PD and Will Halstead of Chicago Med are just too much hotness to handle. Whenever Jay holds his rifle and Will in uniform taking charge, I'm always dying. Yep, fangirling too much. Lol.

8. Remembering this convo with Sic.

9. My training as a Wattpad Ph Ambassador's almost done and our leader told me to wait for my badge. I admit I was thinking I may not make it to the cut since it looked like I have been slacking though I submitted all the requirements and did the tasks well. Maybe I am just being negative about it so when something negative happened, I won't be really disappointed but I am really looking forward to be an official amb! 

10. First person to hear this song aside from the composer and singer. Not saying anything anymore. Just.. check this one out. He just made it in just five minutes before he sent me a message to actually listen to it. 

Join the bandwagon and list the ten things that made you smile or happy every week!

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