Friday's Ten Happy Things Vol. 17

Better late than never! This link up is what's really constant in my blog and I like the fact that I get to list ten happy things I had for the week and document it as well as reading other's posts about this makes it more interesting.

1. Our internet has been cut and now it's back. It was my fault, actually. I am in charge of paying our internet bill and my adult-ing really sucks. I always forget. Plus, I forgot my atm's pin code so I had to ask for a regeneration in the bank and it took 3 days + the weekend + the holiday and when I went to get it, I have to wait for another day to withdraw. I don't want to borrow from mom anymore. lol. That day that I got my regeneration, it was already too late because a few hours after I got home, our internet was cut already. The next morning I went directly to their office because I don't have to wait 24hours for our internet to be brought back if I pay directly to them. And yes, it's for two months. Lol. I really can't live alone yet. Huhu.

2. Hera, Nanay and Tatay stayed with us until this week. It's true that me and my sister only has 2-4 hours of sleep almost everyday since they came because we have to attend to Hera and our grandparents' needs and it was a little hard in our part because we're used to just doing everything on our own and we sleep all day and awake all night. When they came here, we have to stay awake all morning too. We only get to sleep when Hera's asleep too. Btw, Hera's only 1 year and 9 months old so imagine the horror. But it was fun! Changing diapers and making her drink her milk. Haha.

3. Our grandmother tasted my experiments and loved it. My sister and I would usually fix something for a midnight snack, and since Hera's acting like a diva when it's 1am to 3am and would wake up, our grandmother will too. And by that time, it's either we already cooked or we're whipping up something to cook too. I let her taste my Cheesy Potato Pillows and Molo Nachos Party and glad the she liked it!

4. I became a part of a certain support group for bloggers in facebook. It was really fun and like opening a pandora's box because of the mix of things/posts I read and learn from. I also met a few bloggers that I had engaged with. If you want to join, kindly check Blogger's Worldwide and be a part of us!

5. Lucy Liu. She's just so damn pretty!

6. How To Get Away With Murder. The winter season break is over and I am just waiting for the new episode to be uploaded in my favorite site! The suspense is killing me!

7. Being really active in Roomstyler.

8. Sic proposed for a team building for Wattpad Ph's Ambassadors. We are all hoping it will be approved. I want to meet them personally and had a nice time with them. Our job as ambassadors really needs everyone's cooperation so I think this is a good start specially that most of us are new.

9. This image set. I just lol-ed hard in this. I'm sorry if I look mean.

10. It's Valentines Day and I will be staying at home and watch a hell lot of series or movies I want. Because Valentines isn't all about your love for your special someone but can be also about your love for yourself. Lol!

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