Life Lately 2016 Vol. 1

Been a little busy this past few days with a lot of things. I admit I haven't been on my best behavior when it comes to blogging but I just had so much on my plate at the moment. I felt that ever since my exclusivity contract had ended became the trigger for me to really push my future plans.

1. The Graham Balls Business is doing good.

My two closest co writers had events in the same day so I had to divide my time to be able to attend both of them. Race Darwin on SM NORTH for his book signing and then Sic's meet and greet at Chinese Park in Luneta. I posted in my account that since I'll be going there, I might as well ask if anyone who are going to attend would want to order a box of graham balls. I received a lot than what I was expecting. 13 boxes all in all. I made it within the same day and it was dang tiring but the good feed backs hella worth it.

2. Bonded with a few friends and readers.

It has been quite awhile since I went out or attended an event wherein I'll be bonding with the readers as well as my friends that I have met throughout my 'writing career' so I was really glad that I got the chance to see a lot of them throughout Race's book signing and Sic's meet up. Since it's been really a little while, I felt a little awkwardness when the readers started asking for a selfie. Lol. Seriously, I feel like I have been under a rock that when they asked if they want to have a selfie, I want to say 'No' because I wasn't just ready yet. But then I still sad 'Yes' because I know how it feels to be a fangirl too. It was tiring, but I had a nice time.

3. Career Move.

I had a recent talk with a representative from another publishing house. It wasn't as 'nerve wrecking' as I thought it would be because it was a smooth one. I asked specifics and they gladly gave me the answers. Fortunately, most of the things that I was looking for are also okay with them. Yey!

4. I'm an official Wattpad Ph Ambassador already!

The announcement was just posted a few days ago and although I am still waiting for my badge (in my wattpad account) at least I can already tell the world about it. I am particularly excited about it because aside from being a part of a team that has a significant importance in a community wherein I did not just honed my skills but as well the reason why I got discovered, I also get to help organize meet ups and meet more readers as well as writers. So excited!

5. Another approved manuscript for Red Room.

A few days ago, I received an email from our editor for the result of my recently passed manuscript for Red Room (I also passed a manuscript for PHR Blooms) and just a minor evision is needed and I revised it immediately that my editor was like "wow!" when he received my email. Lol. Now it's approved and I'm just waiting for a confirmation when to get my pay check.

6. Haven't had any out of town trips recently.

I was really disappointed by this. I actually thought that this can be like a once a week or once every two weeks type of activity for me. I have also been wanting to go alone in some province just nearby Quezon City but because of so many things I am thinking and doing, I haven't set foot in any province yet again.

7. Found a new show/series!

The title is INTELLIGENCE. It's unfortunate for me that it's just on its first season. :(

8. Practicing being artsy again.

Before, I am the go-to of my friends, cousins and sibs whenever a lettering project is needed to be done. I am not the best at drawings but I can draw. But ever since I started getting interested in Music, I just stopped being 'artsy' and just started organizing gigs and do other stuff. Then after I got over it, I got pulled into writing. And seeing that watercolor painting, lettering and other stuff that includes colors, writing and brushes started to flood my news feed and dashboards, I got to thinking why not practice doing things with my hands other than typing and scrolling? So yep, I bought some art stuff and started practicing a few weeks back.

A lot of blessings came and although there are still bumps in the road, I am still glad.

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