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A few years back, when I wasn't into that writing yet, I tend to discover websites worthy to try on. I tried tons of website to entertain me on my bored moments, but it was my sister who found this certain website wherein you can create a design of a house, or a room online, 3D!

The website was supposed to be a 'trial' type for a furniture store in UK named MyDeco that's now MONOQI last time I checked. The website is now called ROOM STYLER and the features are better and more furniture to choose from.

It was so long since the last time I used my account there and I was surprised that there's a new layout for the image of your design. No watermark anymore.

The furniture that you can use or choose from are endless. These are the designs I made since yesterday. I am not designer so this is like somewhat a hobby and boredom reliever ever since. I find it fulfilling whenever I get to finish a design.


1. You can draw your own layout of the house or room or choose from the pre-made layout in the website itself.

 Click the START FROM SCRATCH and it will direct you to this page (next image)

You can choose your wall type by dragging your choice and dropping it to the space within the CAMERA (color blue at the middle)

2. It has a build in camera so you can see what it looks like as if you're inside the room or house you are designing/making. 

The angle of the camera will also be how your 3D picture would look like. The images above, my designs, I chose that angle and I clicked the 3D PHOTO.

3. You can put a background to your designs and it will look like it fits. You just have to choose the right photo.

If you drag the photo of your choice (you can upload by clicking UPLOAD IMAGE) a prompt where you would drop it will appear saying APPLY SCENERY.

Same design, different background.

4. It's free to sign up and to use!

So if you have nothing to do and wants to try something new for free, you can try designing your own dream room or house. I admit, it can be hard to navigate at first but once you got the hang of it, the only thing that would be hard is choosing what furniture to use next!

Let me know if you already registered so I an follow you. My account's ThatWickedGal

Roomstyler: Inspire and Be Inspired!

This isn't a sponsored post.

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