Cosmo Summer Party Ph 2016!

Me and my friends attended the first ever Summer Party of Cosmopolitan magazine here in the Philippines. It was held at The Palace Pool Club in BGC.

We sat near the stage for more action. Lol. We went in past 3pm already and good thing we're earlier because we thought our seat is one of the best. There's open bar and a lot of people started pouring in at around 5pm or so. The music is loud and everyone's enjoying.

First photo with a cosmo hunk and our friend who literally hugged the guy. Lol.

I wasn't really a sucker for having selfies with celebrities. I loved looking at the cosmo hunks walking aroun though. All I was thinking is the experience so I can use it for my upcoming novels as well as the cosmo hunks and other stuff.

There's 3 booths from sponsors. The most blockbuster booth was the Kojie San, and you know why exactly by the photo above. You'll choose between the two and there's a score card. Anyway, they have the best freebies too!

The other booths are Palmolive and Okamoto condoms. They all have freebies, of course. 

Anyway, the drinks are sprite vodka, rhum coke and of course, cosmopolitan. I only had 2 spriet vodka and 1 rhum coke since my friends aren't really into the drinks. We talked and roamed around while waiting for the main events which were the games from the sponsors.

The first game started around 7pm wherein the hunks from Kojie San booth would be stripped by the cosmo girls and would have 69 seconds (as the sunblock has spf69) to out into them. They walked around our seat the whole damn time as well as the other cosmo hunks at out back.

My only selfie with a cosmo hunk. Lol. My friends pulled me when they realized I was gushing on this guy really hard but doesn't want to have a picture with him. They were saying I'll regret it so yeah, eventually I gave in and ugh! He's my baby. Lol.

The party was nice but I don't know if it's just the first time or I really expected more that I became disappointed for a few details. Overall, I would really still look forward to the next Cosmo Summer Party next year if I would still be lucky enough to be invited. 

Anyway, there's this instance that makes me laugh whenever I remember. Me and my friends went last to the Okamoto booth. We don't really know what is their product but later on, I realized that it was condom after because of the vague description and well, the square packaging. We need to log in to our facebook accounts and like their page for us to be able to get their freebies which were long balloon and a condom. So I told the guy that I already liked their page and showed that I did, so I was waiting for him to give me the balloon and the condom.


Okamoto Hunk: This one's soft. What do you like, soft or hard?
Me: Of course, I want the hard one!
OH: You can just blow this to be hard.
Me: No, I want the hard one already.

And we were talking about the balloons and my friends were laughing like crazy. Lol.

Went home with a smile because of these freebies I got plus the sando they gave everyone.

Anyway, check the sponsor's pages

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