One Night In Manila.

A few days ago, my cousin on my mother's side, Joanna. surprised us by suddenly appearing from UAE. We seriously don't know anything about it. Well, she said it was meant to be a surprise. Unfortunately, she went home not to party but to get some papers done for her new employer. So they gave her almost a week to work on it. She's gone the whole week meeting with her friends and such.

She stayed in her sister's condo in One Archers, which is very convenient for me at that time because I was going to watch a play in Benilde in their SDA campus and decided to drop by to see Joanna even one time before her flight the next morning. I was still thinking of my Graham Balls business at that time, but when I arrived and saw how comfy the place was and realizing how I missed having a talk with them specially Joanna, I just blurted "I will stay for the night." Lol. So my mother, tita and tito went home after waiting for me.

After a few minutes inside, I started teasing my cousin Rachel that her place is so CONYO. Like tumblr-ish because of the white walls, minimalist interior, the mirror with Christmas lights and the big window with a view. She would just laugh at it. I uploaded the image above with the caption "When your cousin's place is so conyo."

Bonding! Joanna was making something artsy and Rachel's busy with her lappy.

We did not really got to eat these but the floor is so nice for a flat lay, so yesss!

The ticket of the play I watched, ADARNA IN THE CITY and post card as a remembrance.

This was made by Rachel's former room mate. And I find this really nice and inspirational. Aside from the message itself, the way it was made is also cool. Since our room was just painted, I am gonna post something like this too. Soon!

I call this INSELFIE. Inception of selfie. Lol. Just like how people who owns instax? They take a picture using instax then take a picture of that picture. It's cute but I find it a waste. Anyway, Joanna knew how much I love taking 'artistically different' shots that she encouraged me to just take some more pictures.

It was a fun night. We talked, ate, laughed and had fun. I miss having late night talks with them just like that.

The next morning, we started getting ready to go to the airport. We called for a Jollibee delivery. Joanna's been craving for it the whole week but did not have the chance because whenever she's with her friends, they mostly eat on MCDO. She ordered a dang lot of burgers and jolly hotdogs for a 'pasalubong' to her sister, mom and dad in UAE. Since she said, the Jollibee was far and since meat isn't allowed there, the taste was different.

Us while waiting for the Grab car!

Ps. While walking along TAFT, it felt intoxicating seeing students everywhere. I hate to admit it but I missed being a student.. for a while. And that was it, for a while. Lol!

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