Unpopular Opinions.

Recently I have been having issues on being torn if I should post a certain opinion regarding a certain'issue' or just my insight regarding a statement or a status I read somewhere in the social media world. Not because I am afraid of being bashed or being hated, but I am afraid that I may not explain my side well that my words will be twisted. I am the type to post my opinions or insights with details as to why I think that way, and recently, my brain's really not that cooperative.

So I decided to just gather them all up in one post in a straight up list wherein I can just freely state what I saw. Some of you might not agree, but I'll be thrilled to read what you think in the comments section! 

1. They say that the former Ferdinand Marcos Sr. is actually kind and that the people around him are the ones hurting, killing or torturing the individuals. But if he's really that great of a leader, why wouldn't he do something about it then? Reading the horrifying stories of the families of the people who unfortunately perished under the regime, are they telling me that it happened without his knowledge?

2. I don't believe that James is really in love with Nadine. I am sorry, guys, specially if you're a #JaDine fan because I have been observing them since the DIARY NG PANGET days and although they really do have a chemistry and they look comfortable working or being with each other, James obviously thinks of Nadine as just a friend. Nadine, on the other hand, seemed smitten. I don't know, I just think of it that way. Anyway, it's not the first time that a love team admitted that they are together for the fans and supporters if ever this is true.

3. I like Maria Ozawa. Yep, the former Japanese porn star who is already based here in the Philippines. The one who admitted who had a one night stand with Cesar Montano, her co star in the movie Nilalang. She's brave for her chosen path before as well as her chosen path now. And I find people who point fingers at her for being a sinner a hypocrite. Yes, she did adult movie, porn movies or whatever you call it, but guys, that is legal. There's an Industry for adult entertainers, actors and actresses. They even have an awarding ceremony like WTF, right? And she's Japanese, they are very open with this type of thing. So what if she was what she was before? She's changed as per her career direction. Why would she choose Philippines to start a new career from if she's not well known here anyway? Lol.

4. Wattpad is a close knit community of readers and writers. Unlike before that the readers or fans of writers can only talk to their idols via email or snail mail, today's generation is very lucky. Specially the wattpad readers who get to be friends with their idols in facebook and send them a message. As for that fact, I really do believe that the authors should have a responsibility over their readers or fans. Wattpad is a very interactive website. Everyday, lots and lots of chapters are being updated, thousands of comments are being posted, authors are talking to their readers online or offline. Fame can be a very tricky thing. It makes your head feels above the rest but as authors, they should have a concern over their readers. They should have a say in a sense that if they see them or know they are already doing something out of the ordinary in a bad way for the things they share with them like their stories, they should remind them that it isn't right. Fame isn't just an award, it also comes with a responsibility.

5. I do think that the paper made arts that girls give their boyfriends for their anniversaries or monthsaries or just for plain surprising isn't practical. Sure, it was A for the effort, but you know how boys are. What would they do with it afterwards? Should it linger in their bedroom? Until when? I personally think that it's better to give them something that they can use rather than putting so much time and effort in something that looked really cool but impractical.

6. I hate it whenever I speak English in public and people would look at me like I did something wrong. I know, I came from that side before but dang, I never looked so offended at someone because they talked in a language that people thinks is okay if you're a call center agent and you're in your work place only. I mean, c'mon, people!

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