MB Dream Resort and Function Hall.

Welcome me back into blogging! Yes! This blog post has been a long overdue (and there's still a lot in my drafts) but it's here now!

When Sic decided to have a meet up in Pampanga, I went with him since there are a few who ordered my graham balls too. After the meet up, we ate at a Korean Buffet Restaurant then headed to MB Dream Resort. Fortunately, one of Sic's admin in Pampanga Chapter knew someone who knew the owner of the said resort so to make the story short, we had discounts! Yep!

We stayed in this hut.

We got this for its original price but they did not charge us for the excess person. It is comfy and clean.

The only downside is that we checked in at night when they just mixed the chlorine in the pool so no one is allowed yet to have a swim. We are scheduled to check out around 12 noon the next morning so while we're still sleeping, some of them took a dip already the moment the sun rose in the sky.

It wasn't in the plan to go to a resort so I didn't bring extra clothes. So I just walked around the place and took pictures to show you guys.

The videoke can be used by anyone, you just have to insert a 5 peso coin per song.

This is the kiddie pool. 2-3 feet.

Adult pool with slide!

This is their function hall. There's this big Eiffel Tower standee inside. Before we check out, they are busy because an event will take place there.

The place was deserted the time we were there. I liked that fact, we wandered around the place like we owned it.

Check their page for more details!

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