5 Things I Love About Microtel Hotel - MOA.

Alongside Manila Internation Book Fair, Wattpad holds the yearly gathering of Wattpad writers and readers via Wattpad Meet up. It is usually held at the last day of MIBF. It was my first Wattpad Meet up aside from the Summer Meet up as an Ambassador and Wattpad is kind enough to take care of our after event needs such as accommodation.

Luckily, they always choose Microtel Hotel that's just a few walks away from SMX, 

This is our room! We're in 7th floor. Our room has a mini fridge.

Our accommodation comes with free breakfast buffet. We ate around six in the morning. I woke my roommates up because I'm already hungry. Teehee!

Anyway, I mostly focused of their rooftop because it's stunning. I fell in love with it the moment I went up! Although the first try, it's still locked, the second was a success after we ate our breakfast,

And this welcomed me. It's so refreshing, so clean and it gave me the feeling like I was in Santorini, Greece, which is by the way one of my dream place to go to.

Although the pool isn't that big, we still enjoyed a few minutes of dipping.

Anyway, here are the five reasons why I loved my stay here:

1. Staffs are attentive. Whenever we ask for something, a few minutes later, they would already knock. We asked for more sleepers and dental kits and they are fast to deliver it to us.

2. Security. We have been called on the phone twice by the front desk to reminds us to lock our doors since their staff saw that our room is open.

3. Staffs are polite. I mean, I have been greeted not once, not twice but a few more by the staffs I just happen to bump into at the hallway. It gave a goodvibes hearing "Good Morning" while they were smiling like they really mean it.

4. There isn't much restrictions at the pool. There's a sign that says you have to wear proper attire but when we asked, they said we can swim with shirt and shorts. There's no time, or limit, or what. I have experience staying in a certain place where there's a lot of things to be considered if you want to take a dip at the pool even though it's a part of what you paid for in the first place.

5. Last but not the least, their complementary shampoo and conditioner did not make my hair dry. I mean, my hair needed a conditioner because the lower part is dry, but their shampoo and conditioner didn't make it drier.

I recommend this place if ever you've been wanting a place to stay near MOA.

And oh, the view on our room.

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