6 Underrated Korean Dramas You Should Check Out.

I'm the type to check out what's the latest when it comes to the Korean Dramas but I would usually find gems at the ones who doesn't get the buzz. Yes, I've been pulled into the BOYS OVER FLOWERS hysteria, but I was also pulled towards the following Korean Dramas that hasn't been talked about much.


A story of love and war, pain and sacrifices. This isn't your typical romcom type but this one is very interesting. It will give you the life of people from North Korea (even though its depicted a little fictional) as well as the difference between the main couple. Ha Ji Won plays a woman from North Korea, a daughter of one of the General who is being arranged to be married to the South Korean Prince that is played by Lee Seung Gi. 


Moon Geun Young plays an ambitious yet clever designer who wanted to be successful. She learned of ways to becoming successful and tried seducing a company's CEO for her own good. This drama has a lot of things going on. As simple as what I have summarized this one, it will actually make you feel wanting more. And.. you'll learn a thing or two to social climbing 101.


I heard a few people talk about this one but did not really watched. Yongpal is about a brilliant surgeon who in desperate need became an on call doctor to the mob. He then got offered to be a private doctor of an 'unusual' patient and it changed his life. The story and the plot is very unique and for me it's a plus point as added to the brilliant acting of the characters, This isn't also sunshine and rainbows but this is definitely worth checking out.


This one was from a webtoon of the same name. Unlike the others, this one's your typical romantic dramas. I liked this one because the story, although typical rich boy poor girl, there's the uber kilig overload and I swear me and some of my co writers got crazy over this one. The characters is what really made this one really exceptional. I don't know, I usually hate the cliches` in the dramas but this one is just perfect. 


Like Yongpal, I heard a few people talk about this one but didn't really watched it. I love this one because of the romantic comedy side as well as the thriller and mystery. This is funny and 'nakakakilig' at the same time. The characters are perfect for the roles. I swear, this is one of those drama that makes me want to watch it again.


This drama will give you the 'THE HEIRS' vibes but with a simpler plot and family issues. I already watched this thrice and I still love it. But this drama gave me the second lead love team syndrome. I fell in love with Hyung Sik here. His love team with Lim Ji Yeon is just perfect. I just didn't feel the chemistry between Uee and Sung Joon, although they added to the spice of the drama. But in the end, I think this one's worth checking out,

Which of these dramas have you watched already? Let me know your thoughts! :)

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  1. Indeed! Oh my ghost is worth watching. The chemistry of the lead casts were amazing. btw I like Kwak Si yang's role. <3