Post-Valentines Celebration? Book at Madison 101 Hotel + Tower via TravelBook!

When someone asks me to refer to a place or a thing they would go or would like to buy, I make sure that I only refer the things or place I already tried and tested. Two of the best Hotels I have been that I fell in love with are Microtel hotel - MOA and of course, my recent love, Madison 101 Hotel + Tower.

I recommend the two hotels if anyone would ask what are the best hotels I have been to that I can vouch for, but when it comes to anything romantic or valentines-y, Madison 101 Hotel + Tower would be the first thing that I can say.

If some of you isn't aware yet, aside from the impeccable customer service and clean and comfortable rooms, they have this promo wherein you can reserve their premiere suite and instruct them to prepare it for a surprise. They can put balloons, roses, free dinner and other romantic stuff that I am sure your partner, girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband will appreciate. The best thing about it? The promo is flexible according to your budget. So you can talk to their personnel about it.

Photo from Madison 101 Hotel + Tower Facebook Page
Make your stay extra special by taking advantage of this promo! Watch this video from the hotel's page to entice you for their package.

The best thing about this is that, when you book at Madison 101 Hotel + Tower via TravelBook,  you can get at least 23% off! Amazing, right?

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