My 4 Scandal Character Crushes.

I am currently on the 6th season of the TV Series Scandal, just one of the many TV Series I've had the pleasure of watching this 2017. This particular series always kept me on edge, the dysfunctional characters as well as the dysfunctional relationships they have keeps me entertained. I can't stop watching, I don't know if it's just the way the story goes or my knack for powerful and bad men that kept me coming back is the reason. Throughout the series, I developed my favorites, and here are my five crushes.

Charlie (B613)

As much as I like him with Quinn, I kind of like this cutie pie for myself. I know how crazy it sounds knowing that killing is kind of his thing being a member of B613 but he's kind of the second normal agent next to Jake after being under Rowan (Command) and B613. I like the way he's kind of chatty, the way he likes eating donuts and sweets and I like the way he's kind of go with the flow. It's like he's never been the enemy or something. He's a high price sociopaths assassin but he got a heart. He's an actual human without an order to kill someone or something.

Tom Larsen (Secret Service, B613)

Another highly trained assassin who seemed to still be loyal to his former boss. I kind of like him with Cyrus but honestly, Cyrus seemed to bring out the worst in him. It wasn't really in my thoughts that his character will turn out like this but damn, he's hot. His whole mysterious demeanor really gets to me. I'm interested to know how he was actually recruited in B613 and a little bit more background on him. It broke my heart when Cyrus just disregarded him after he already got what he wants, but you don't screw a sociopath assassin like that.

Elizabeth North (Republican National Committee Chairwoman)

She's sexy, classy, sexual, and she loves having power but not as power hungry as other characters. I mean, she's a badass for knowing what she wants, but she didn't exactly kill anyone for it and she asks nicely first. I love how her character that pop out from nowhere became an essential to the plot of the story. She knows what she can do and she knows what she have. When they were being blackmailed by Andrew and no one seemed to want to pledge for their chip in at 10 Million, she wanted to give 5 Million. I love this woman.

Jacob Hamilton Ballard/Pete Harris (Fromer B613 agent and Command, NSA Director, VP of USA)

I am obsessed with this guy. I am in love with this guy. Everything he does or say, I swoon like a freaking teenager. I want my own Jake Ballard in real life if that's just possible. Every time Olivia seemed to hurt him, all I want is to take him in my arms and tell him that everything is going to be okay. He's hot, smart and very capable. He's the most normal and sensible B613 agent for me. I love his whole character, even the dark part of him, which he kept hidden and in control, another part of him that I like.

Anyone here who also watches SCANDAL? 

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