Adelfa Hotel + Bluewater Maribago Beach in Cebu.

Okay, another Cebu related post. I swear that this will be the last. I just had to post this review of both places while I still remember the experience vividly even after a few months had already past. My trip to Cebu last December was an amazing experience, although I wasn't really into it because of some problems but still, the trip was awesome. I met a lot of good people and went to places I never thought I'd ever go.

The Wattpad Cebu Admins are the ones who arranged our accommodation. Some of them had to check in at the hotel too because they're far from the venue of the Wattpad Cebu Meet-Up too. They chose Adelfa Hotel.

Adelfa Hotel is a new five storey hotel near Fuente Osmena Circle. The hotel is fairly new so everything looks clean and nice. The water is strong. They have hot shower. I was the first one to arrive among my roommates so I had the chance to take a picture of the room first. They add another bed since there's three of us in the room. They don't have a restaurant but there's an eatery at the lobby. 

The wifi is fast. You only have to register once so even though you go to other floors, you're still and always connected which is nice since our room is on the fourth floor and the boys and other admins are on the second. We're always on the second floor at the boys' room since they have the biggest room.

Anyway, the service is also okay. We asked for tissues and the tissues arrived immediately. They're just not that properly communicating when I left a few clothes and when I went back to retrieve it, they said somebody already got it when the admin I talked to said that it's there. In the end, my clothes are actually still there and one admin had to get it to give it to me before we go to the airport.

All in all my stay in Adelfa is alright. The airconditioning unit is working properly and the beds are comfortable. I don't know if it's really cheap in there or they got a discount or something because they booked a lot of rooms for a longer time.

On our third day, after we check out in the hotel, we went directly to Bluewater Maribago Beach for lunch and to chill. 

Their bathroom is impressive. Dry and clean and no weird smell. You can literally chill in here with your girlfriends.

They have two pools that I know off. The one up there and the other one that's in a center of some rooms. You can only swim or dip in there if you rented one of the rooms surrounding it. Then there's the beach. It's low tide when we came so we just took some photos at the seashore then we chill for a few moments then went back to the main pool.

A lot of Korean are everywhere. There are also some Chinese and Japanese but I have seen and heard a lot of Korean and Hangul. They have villas everywhere and since we only came to eat and swim, we don't have the need to rent an accommodation,

Their staff are polite and the ones we talked to talked to us in English back which is awesome!

They have dinner buffet and the customers will be serenaded by a trio while they eat. I took this photo while we were waiting for our grab since we're already going. The ambiance at night seemed so cozy. We saw a foreign couple smooching at the poolside. Haha.

The overall experience with this two establishment is good. Nothing unexpected happened and these two places made my Cebu experience more memorable.

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