You Don't Need Anyone's Approval.

There's one constant thing that I observe with the older people nowadays. And I always hear it almost everyday, in the house. They always seemed to be so concerned with what other people would say. I know, sometimes they'd like to think that other people should mind their own business as others would mind their own, but I always get annoyed whenever I hear someone specially my mother sometimes dialogues about "Ano na lang ang sasabihin ng ibang tao?" (What would others say about it?)

It annoys the hell out of me. 

Whenever my mother would remind us to clean the house ( I know, I'm really not the cleaning type and I just want my things as it is) there will always be the ending question about what would others say if they'd see our house with our things all over the place.

One time I hear a few oldies talking about someone's daughter getting pregnant but doesn't seemed to be supported by the father of the child and they are more concern on what would others say if they learned about it the fact that the daughter would bring the child alone.

A lot of PR talks when someone's selling someone a jewelry or anything aesthetic is the line "You will look pretty and rich in front of your friends if you have this" like you can't be with your friends without looking pretty and rich but it works almost every time. I know, because I knew a few people who fell for the line.

I heard my friend's mother once while my friend is getting scolded when she went home drunk once. Her mother said a lot of people saw her going home drunk and maybe they are already talking bad about her. It's like her mother isn't concern for her welfare at all, she told her to stop doing that because what would others say or call her if it happens again?

My point is, it's fine if the older people would tell us to do something, but I always get easily. annoyed once the line "What would others say?" is being said. Like, can't we do it because it's for our betterment, or for us to be a better person, not just to look cool and nice for everyone? Can't we make things we like and things that makes us happy and we don't even hurt other human if other people are against it?

I really hate being told something to do because it would make me look nice to other people. It makes me feel all rebellious and do the opposite. Let me do something because it will benefit the human race, not because you want other people's approval.

It seems like being pleasant and having a good reputation is something very important for them. Well, some people my age too. Everyone has their own tendencies. We all want a good reputation, but I wouldn't change myself for it. As long as I am not hurting someone or committing a crime, I have my life and I will do anything I want without asking for anyone's approval first,

They are all about being okay doing something against their will if it will make them look like a saint. I mean, impressing or pleasing other people isn't that bad if you think about it. Everyone did or will do it at some point. But if it became a habit, it becomes a problem. Problem such as always finding it nice if you think you are wearing something that others would definitely be envy with although you feel uncomfortable and you actually hate wearing it. Or something about staying at the job you hate because if you resign, you're sure people will tell you that what you did is wrong and you'll just feel bad for yourself. How about being burdened of the fact that you really don't like going out every weekends  but you think your friends will hate you if you tell them the truth.

Isn't it hard being liked but not being happy at all?

Have any of you experience this or heard something like this? What can you say about it?

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