What Our Home Is Made Of.

Let me tell you about my father. Before I was born, he was a butcher. He used to go to Marikina in the middle of the night to go to work. Whenever there's a celebration or event in our house, he would bring home one or two pic head that will be cooked as 'lechon' then, 'lechon paksiw' afterwards. My father is the type of person who would help if he can. I can still remember vividly how our relatives specially from his side would go to our house. At that time, I wasn't really aware of what was happening. All I know is that they are here to visit. When I became older, some of them would tell me that my father actually helped them financially or with something that he could helped.

Whenever my father would go to a family event, I can see how he would be the life of the party. The people would flock on him and would listen to his funny stories that even though they already heard almost a hundred times, it seems like it never gets old.

Everyone loves my father. He's not perfect, but he has a lot of good characteristics.

But my favorite characteristic he had is the fact that he used to be the parent who goes to school with me and my siblings before.

He would even bring us into some family events while others would definitely choose to go alone without their kids.

When we grew up, he sometimes would buy us liquor so we can drink with him together with my cousins. He's strict, but he will always tell us that he's just doing it because he loves us and he cares for us.

He used to carry us in his back. I can still vividly remember when we go home to Catanduanes, our province, and we would have to ride a motorboat and I don't want to go down because I don't want my feet to get wet, he would carry me even though I was already a teen because of it. He would complain at first but in the end, he would do it!

He's invincible in my eyes even when I got older.

But he's just a man, and he can just live just as much.

July 2, 2013, he died of cardiac arrest.

It was a hard time for us because it was so sudden. One minute, he just need a blood transfusion and I was there with him in the hospital the first night. The next morning, my mother came because it's her turn. I slept the whole day because I wanted all my energy as I'll go back again that night, but I woke up from a call saying that he's gone.

You wouldn't believe how many people came to his funeral. We booked a regular room at St. Peter but the people who came are just so much. A lot of our relatives who were out of reach before just popped out for my father. The guards at the funeral homes complained because a lot of people are coming. They even asked id my father's a politician.

But life goes on, and it gives us comfort knowing he left without unfinished business.

Now, let me tell you about my mother. She's a teacher. She's been teaching for 31 years already. She's the light of our home, but since my father died, he also became the walls that kept our home standing. She's been through a lot and I admire how strong she was for taking all of the challenges our family had to face even before.

I am a witness of how my parents loved each other.

This father's day, I would love it if I can treat my mother out and make her feel pampered since she's one hell of a workaholic person. And I know she would love it.

My mother appreciates simple things and it's one of the best thing I think I love that I got from her. And if ever I get to win the free staycation at Richmonde Hotel Ortigas, this will be a good way to make her feel that we appreciate all her efforts and how we love her.

She's our mother, but she also stood up as our father, so making her special this father's day is something I also want her to feel.

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