Writer's Block Is Real.

I have met a lot of writers who says WRITER'S BLOCK isn't real, it's just laziness and an excuse not to write or to be able to write. They don't believe in it because base on their experience, it's just that, an excuse. I find it particularly offending whenever a writer seems so sure whenever they say that WRITER'S BLOCK is a myth. If you ask them why, well, it's because they haven't experienced it. But I always wonder how can they say something isn't real just because they didn't experienced or felt it?

Writer's block is real. I experienced it so many times so I am saying it's real. It wasn't an excuse not to write or not to be able to write. It's not laziness. I've been in a lot of situations where I have the drive to write, but whenever I'm already in front of my laptop and was about to type, there's suddenly this void in my mind. What should I write? I kept on staring at the blank screen before me. I was already there, my fingers are ready to push some keys, so no one can tell me that I am lazy or I am not in the mood. My mind's in a mix. It's really hard and frustrating.

Times like these, I feel useless. I wanted to write so bad but I don't know what to write. I can't think of something.. or maybe I can think, there's a scene I've been thinking all along, but I don't know how to write it. Where should  start? The keys are waiting to be pushed and the blank screen is waiting to be full of words.

I wrote this blog post because I am feeling this exact feeling right now. And I am frustrated. I thought of other writers who doesn't believe in this. I wasn't feeling lazy, this blog post can attest to that. I can do other things, but writing the exact thing I wanted to do is hard. It's exhausting. I don't know when I can finally bring back my creative juices again but I am hoping soon.

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