4 Problems People That Gets Attached Easily Understands.

I am writing this post because I really hate being someone who gets attached easily. I hate it when it happens. I'm a social person, and even though I only talked to a certain person for a few minutes and we hit it off, I want to have a means of communication with them already so that we can still connect. Most of the times, I feel happy if they're the first one to ask me my facebook account, it means they feel the same to me too.

But sometimes, it's taking it's toll on me.

I have always been a sensible and logical person. I never stayed in a relationship that I don't feel anything anymore with the other. I never fell for the hot guy with the bad intention, I never send my information to the number given in a text message saying I won a million or something. I never click the suspicious email that might be a virus. I know where's the real DOWNLOAD button in a bunch of fake download button ads.

But it frustrates me whenever my mind gets clouded because I got attached with this certain person. And these are the problems that if you're someone like me can relate.

1. We're vulnerable - We open ourselves easily because we feel that the person we open up towill understand because that's what we feel for them. We think it's okay to open up to be connected with them and for them to be able to be the same. But let's face it, not everyone we think we know is actually the person we think they are, and this is a problem especially that you don't realize that sometimes, the weakness they learned about you is going to be their weapon against you.

2. We're trusting - Whenever we look at the person we're attched to, we don't see a stranger or someone we just me three days ago. We see them as someone who came into our life for a reason. So we became trusting. We are falling for a trap that makes us feel that because we feel comfortable with that particular person, he or she is someone we can trust. Logic sometimes becomes blurred.

3. We're sensitive -  We built this so-called relationship with the people we're attached to with the hope that they can contribute the same as what we can to the table and when our expectations isn't met, we tend to be a little too sensitive about it. We expected the same or sometimes more, so it's disappointing if we get less.

4. We're careless -  We sometimes make decisions not based on logic nd sensibility but by blindness to that someone we're attached to. We invested our trust so we becomes careless and it can be a problem especially if the person you have your trust to doesn't really care about you.

Anyone here with me?

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