Best Night Out Ever! A.K.A My Surprise Birthday Celebration!

I am getting old, so I never really look forward to celebrating my birthday as a party or as a big gathering. But since I am coming back to organizing events, I decided to organize an acoustic night a night before my birthday just for the fun of it. It's like welcoming my birthday while the performers are serenading me.

I invited a few friends to come and some of them to perform. Some are readers. It started a little late than expected because it rained and a lot of people got stuck on their way to Selda Dos Bar where the acoustic night was held.

The stage was empty for a little while until bit by bit, performers and audiences started arriving.

Just some of the performers entertaining the crowd.

I was running all around the place, making sure that everything is alright when Sic, my guy bestfriend told me that some of our friends are looking for me so I should go inside one of the 'prison' where we are settled. I got confused for a while because they just kept on telling me to stay put and to just sit down until the trio at the picture above started talking and I just heard my name being called.

I was really confused. Like, why are they calling me?

Turned out, my friends with the head of Sic, organized a surprise party for me. They pulled me from the 'prison cell' and let me went in front while everyone's singing Happy Birthday. Sic came to me holding a 'unique' birthday cake as well as Mau and Jocelyn holding a tarpaulin with my faces on it!

The unique cake that even my mom kept on laughing at when we got it home. Lol.

Just two of the few pictures I had with them. It was a very memorable night. My friends also brought their own friends and joined us that night.

My sister and my cousin who are in charge of the entrance but later on joined us inside!

And these awesome people who made my night more special.

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