Dove Foaming Make Up Remover: Review.

This was given to me and my sister by our mom. She said that we're the ones who needs it more because she doesn't really put on make up that much. Whenever she goes to school, just the eyebrow, lipstick and powder are the ones she needed. I tried testing it and here's what I knew so far.

155mL is quite a lot. I did as the instruction says. I put on quite a lot of make up. Here's the before and after of my face when I had make up on and when I put on the foam cleanser.

I put on 3 pumps of foam into my hands.

This one's after I put on the foam into my face. It feels like a soap and oil combined but when I washed my hand (to take a picture of this hand) it washed fine, no oily feeling or residue. I didn't need to used a soap to wash it. 

As you can see at the after image of my face wherein I already had the foam in my face, the foundation and everything else felt like became liquid. The eye shadow and the blush I had disappeared in a second. I tried removing the Kylie Matte Liquid Lipstick I have on but as you can see, only a few on the upper lip came off, but it's okay because I think this one's really not for lisptick but only for face.

And then I washed my face as the instruction said. The make up washed off, I didn't need any cleanser or soap to do so, but when I dried my face with my towel, a little residue of the foundation is still there but I am not mad about it. My face felt soft and smooth.

The fragrant smells like scented oil but not really that strong. The smell is faint and it didn't bother me at all. So far, I think I'm gonna be using it more in the future. I like this so much, it's gentle to my skin and I like how my skin feels soft and smooth after I used it.

Ps. It also has a stopper so it cannot be pumped accidentally. It's a plus for me!

Disclaimer: This review isn't sponsored nor was I paid to post about it. All opinions about this are true to my knowledge.

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