Happiness Has No Price.

I know a few people who takes pleasure in knowing that their bank account is fatter than some people they know. People who finds fulfillment in knowing that the people around them isn't as 'rich' as them. They are the people who translates 'success' as having more money than everyone else they know. And I used to despise their kind.

But I know better now and the only thing that I feel about them is pity.

I pity them because they measure success as having a material thing that they think everyone seems to want. They think that they're better than anyone because they are successful in a way they know not everyone can be. In their mind, the more they have, the better they are. But I see the world differently, that's why I feel bad for them.

I know, money is a universal need. You can't' live without it, but it doesn't mean you should live for it, or for having it. It's not living if it's all about having material fulfillment and satisfaction. Some people is happy buying the things they want, and I have no object in it because it is their prerogative and they earned it. But using it as a purpose is futile.

I just learned that someone or some people in the family is disappointed at me because, as they say, 'I am contented with this life while I can do so much more' and I admit I was hurt in a way that I never knew they think of me that way. But I got over it immediately, because they most probably don't know me. They don't know me at all.

I have ambitions, dreams and goals. And they are different with what they probably want. I also have a different path that I took and they think it's a stupid way.

Every time some relatives rubs the fact that they're very capable than us, (which happens to almost everyone of us, I am sure) I want to laugh at them for even trying. They don't understand that what they were doing is pitiful. They can brag all they want, and we won't care because they don't realize that we were okay with living like this. That we may need a few more bucks at times but we never despise the simple life we have because we're happy like this. We were never the envious type. And I am really feeling sorry for them because I can see how they talk about other people they think is inferior than them.

We all have our desires. I'll be a hypocrite if I say that we don't want better things for our self. But it's not a matter of not having desires or ambition, but reaching our goals with our own ability without hurting or affecting someone or some people in an negative way. Not everyone wants to be a multi-millionaire CEO of a big company, some of us just wants to make crafts and be able to sell it. Not everyone wants to build a house complete with ten bedrooms, a pool and a big lawn, some of us just wants a house with two bedroom with their pet dog.

I may sound very affected for someone who says I don't care but this is a bigger issue for everyone. And I want to address this because I always believed than success has no price. Just because you receive a monthly salary that can feed a hundred people doesn't mean you are successful. Success is far more complex than having a high paying job or being rich.

It saddens me whenever I hear someone asks someone how much do they make and make face if they learn they receive higher pay than them or smile when they learn that they receive lower pay than them. It's a dilemma I can never understand. They build their confidence from gathering other people's failures in their own rights. Which is wrong.

I don't know if it is because how I was raised or I just really born to think that way but I am contented with the way I am. Sure, I don't receive a salary that can feed a hundred people by freelancing (and still figuring out some more things) and I can't travel to the places I want yet, but I am doing things my way in reaching my goals and with that, I am happy. I know I'm already old to be figuring out things this late but we all have our struggles, but it doesn't mean we should stop.

As cliche as it sounds, whenever somebody asks me what I want in life and I say 'To be Happy' and they laugh at me or call me names, it doesn't matter, because I know in myself that it is exactly what I want and I don't have to pay for it.

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