ScarletteQueen Comeback Q+A!

For the past few days, I became active again in my ScarletteQueen Wattpad account and I started posting a lot of new stories and updates. My readers and followers became delighted by my surprise comeback but old and new readers and followers started asking me questions about my stories and I decided to put this one here in one post. So here are the most asked questions and other questions I know some are also curious about plus, some announcement and my future plans about my stories and publishing stuff.

Is there going to be a story for Habagat?
There will be. Habagat's story will be next to Ethan's so patience, guys!

Is there already a story about Ethan?
Isabela Series 3: Exclusively Yours is Ethan's and Toni Rose. It was currently unpublished because I am still focused in Roswell Trilogy and other stuff. Not that I neglected the story, but I feel like I'll be more productive with the Trilogy first since they're shorter and I already finished the first two while I am already on the third one.

How many stories for Dolce Maria Series?
I don't know yet, actually. After Sabrina's, which is the second story (One Hot Kiss) I already had a story in mind for the third, but I'll finish Exclusively Yours first. Maybe four stories under the series or five. Let's see.

Are you going to finish Crash and Burn in wattpad?
Yes. I decided that wattpad will always be a good medium to share my stories, as well as a thank you to everyone who supported me since day one where I don't have any followers yet.

What's your next story that will be published under Red Room?
None yet at the moment. But there will always be a possibility and I'll just post an announcement about it if ever.

When are you gonna publish Exclusively Yours again?
I don't know yet. I'm sorry for this but I want Ethan and Toni Rose's story to be something I can focus on again so I'll be needing to be done with the Roswell siblings first.

How about Still Madness 2? When are you gonna start writing it again?
Another 'I don't know' answer to this. SM2 is in hiatus. Maybe soon, or one of these days I can write an update or what, but I am not gonna let your hopes up about this.

Will you be self publishing some of your stories again?
I have plans, but I wanted the Still Madness 1 and TFWJ fiasco over first. Now that I know the ropes and mistakes I made from self publishing it, I think I'll be better on my next self publishing venture.

When are you gonna post back the The Unlikely Situations (TUB 2)?
I'll be writing TUS offline. Meaning, once I'm done with it, that's when I'll start posting the updates I made. TUB is my first love and as you all know, my first erotic romance story too, so this is a special story for me. I want it to be perfect.

Will there be a special chapter for Argos?
Yes! I'll be writing it if not later, soon! I know everyone loves Argos. Medyo selosa lang naman si Via. Lol.

Is Argos gonna be published?
I don't think Argos will be published traditionally. I've tried to pass it to some imprints where I think it will fit but Argos seemed to be always in between. No, it's not because they didn't like Argos, it's just that the whole story doesn't fit the certain genre they were looking for so if ever Argos will be published, I think it's self published. But I'm still thinking about it.

Will there be a story about Briel and Hyacinth?
Chill, guys! Let them grow first. Lol. There will be, but sorry to disappoint you guys, they will have different stories. They won't be a couple but their relationship with each other will be relevant to their stories so let's wait!

How about your ElleStrange account, when are you gonna finish your stories there?
I can't currently open that account. I already talked to a friend about it and she will talk to the wattpad management. I didn't change my password but I also forgot what email I used (stupid, I know!) and it doesn't feel like it's hacked because nothing was changed so far. So once I can already open it, I'll start updating, hopefully.

Future plans
Of course, self publishing will always be there, but as I said, I'll deal with this after I already deliver all Still Madness 1 and The Future Wife Job books first in August. On my works getting published traditionally, I have no upcoming stories that will be published traditionally because I haven't passed any of them yet. I just have to think about it first because I have a few setbacks with it my first three books that got published so I'm still thinking about it. I'm currently working on an ebook to teach writers who wants to write their own erotic romance stories. I have a few inquiries about it and I decided to just release an ebook about it.

There are times when I am under a writer's block, and when it happens, I don't force myself to write because I don't want to write just for the sake of having to write something. I hope that if there will be times that I am not updating any of my stories for a week or so already, it's either I am really busy with other works (I do freelancing jobs like ghostwriting and stuff) or I am just under writer's block, plain and simple, you can all be more a little understanding.

Wattpad is a part of my life, but I cannot be only focused there because I still have bills to pay. Lol. Only huge wattpad writers get to be offered business opportunities from the management so they get to earn while they're at the website and I am not one of them. I still have a long way to go so yeah, I hope y'all understand! :)

So there you go. I hope I answered the questions you all been wanting to know.

If you still have more questions, please feel free to ask below on the comment section!

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